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Candida Antigen for Genital Warts

25 year old male.  Genital warts had somehow spread to my anus.  Awful and embarrassing.  I tried Veregen but all it did was explode the number of perianal warts.  The packaging says it could increase their number, but I really wasn't ready for that.  It went from 4 or 5, to by my new doctor's count, more than 20.

So we tried cryotherapy and a Rx of Aldara.  Cryo seemed to work okay-ish on the two or three warts near my penis, destroying most of each wart (leaving a bit behind that was was further frozen the other day).  The cryo and two weeks of Aldara saw pretty much zero progress on any of the perianal warts.

So my doctor was about to cut them off, when I brought up the Candida antigen which is injected into common warts, plantar warts, etc as intralesional immunotherapy.  She thought it was a great idea and we should try it.

The injection was yesterday and by the end of the day yesterday the large warts were physically smaller, the smaller ones were disappearing.  I'm shocked at how quickly results seem to be occurring.  I'm continuing with the Aldara at an increased dosage (every day as opposed to 3 times per week) under doctor's orders, and will be examined again in another week for possibly another injection of Candida antigen.

If anybody out there is having trouble with HPV, seriously ask your doctor about the Candida antigen.  No it isn't approved for the treatment of genital warts by the FDA, but the FDA is a criminal racket designed to help pharmaceutical companies profit.  I'm not saying it will work for everyone, my doctor said as much, but it is a damn joke that this treatment exists and you have doctors charging you up the wazoo for laser surgery, surgical excision, Big Pharma charging you $300 bucks for a supply of Aldara or Veregen with spotty, suspect results.

If your doctor won't give you the Candida antigen injection, get another doctor.  Because the one you currently have doesn't care about you getting better, he wants you to keep paying for rounds of treatment.

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