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Cervical Dysplasia?

in May i developed small red bumps on my outer vaginal lips (about 5 bumps in total). they were very itchy. i went to the gynecologist who did a rapid herpes test and i was negative. she said there was a bit of yeast in the culture, but nothing otherwise. 2 weeks later i developed small, reddish bumps all over my legs, with most concentrated on my butt. they lasted 8 days and went away with prednisone. as they went away, they became larger, and flatter and developed a white ring around them.  every once in a while i feel a tingling on my face/lip/cheek area and a small red hive will appear, but it never blisters like HSV-1 would.

fast forward 6 months (no symptoms in between), i go to the gyno for my annual exam. and my pap smear is abnormal (dysplasia). i need to go back for tests to see if cervical cancer has developed. i did receive my Gardasil shot 5 to 6 years ago.

do these rashes appear to be related to the abnormal pap smear, signifying some underlying disease?

I also have only been sexually active for 6 months (intercouse), but have done oral prior to having intercourse for several years. No sexual contact was done prior to completing all 3 Gardasil shots. I am currently 19 years old and have been taking birth control for 5 years.
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