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6 months ago i had my annual pap smear and it came back abnormal.  The doctor called me and let me know that i had a yeast infection and that she wanted to get that cleared up and then perform another pap smear.  When i went back into the doctor the test she ran was not a pap smear (i was so freaked out i didnt ask too many questions), but told me that everything looked normal and told me to come back in 6 months to make sure everything was still ok.  I assumed that I was HPV free.

Recently, i noticed two bumps in my anal area.  These are not wart in shape, but flap-like.  They remind me more of skin tags than the genital warts i have seen online.  I have never had any sexual anal activity.  Could these still be warts?  I am going back to the doctor on 2/28, but i would like some peace of mind before then.  I am really freaking out!
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SO sorry... i was trying to post this in to medical forum, but didn't realize it reached it's limit for the day.  I wish i could delete this since i already posted this once :D
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Sometime's someone with or who has had HPV in the past, can get skin tags... That's the aftermath of having HPV treated..... Just because you have skin tag's does not mean you have it... I would talk more in depth with your PCP..... Good luck!
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