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Confusion about Genital warts

Hello I’m a 19 year old girl who contracted GW by being careless with my sex life and i so deeply regret every chance I took. I noticed it mid April and it was a lot internally right by the opening of my vag. Surprisingly after a month they were gradually disappearing one by one but now I have developed a cluster right on the outside of my vagina and it’s sickening me. I have to waiting until the 23rd of August to see my gyno which i will ask her to burn them all off. My only question is when i finally rid myself of these warts will i always be contagious? I’m dating a guy who is amazing and I just want to rid myself of these warts and be normal again without having to worry about infecting him. I don’t think I’ll like to have unprotected sex anytime soon even when my warts are gone because I’m afraid. So yeah my only question is will i be contagious forever? Will i transmit this to my partner without having any warts? I’ve done so much research on HPV and warts but nothing is giving me a straight answer. Please help
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I also have MS which is an auto immune disease. Does this mean it will take longer to clear my HPV? I’m cutrently not on my meds that suppress my immune system but I will be back on them soon. I just don’t want to have this disease for 7 years like ppl are saying. 1-2 year is fine but 7???? I don’t know what I’ll do.
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Hi. I am not a doctor but I can try to answer your questions. Please understand that this virus is not one size fits all.  Not everyone with it has the same response and recovery.

1. The recovery period is important. Take at least 3 months (some wait a year or two, some wait 6 months) without having sex, after all warts are gone. It helps your body recover faster.  If you must have sex, latex condoms help with the recovery too.

2. Most of the infected are never infectious again. The % is not really clear. I've seen 90% mentioned but not sure where this is coming from unless its a finite set of patients vs random sampling of millions of patients.  What you can do to prevent more warts (besides the latex condoms or no sex) is not clear too but some think a stronger immune system helps.  To boost your immune system: no cigs, no or little booze, more sleep and rest, meditation, exercise, healthy diet and supplements that boost immune systems like C, A, E, folic acid, etc. Basically, be extra healthy for the next 1-2 years. Not only will you lose weight and will feel better but you may prevent more warts.  Some people infect others without visible warts but its very rare. Visible warts are sure to infect someone else. So no one can tell you that you will never be infectious again but some doctors say that 90% of the infected remain not infectious.

3. With your MS, suppression of your immune system is not good to fight HPV. Pregnant women are more likely to get more warts because pregnancy lowers a woman's immune system.  Speak to your doctor about this. If he says you must do this, then boost your immune system as above.

4. The virus remains in your body forever but most people are not infectious again. I have never heard of this 7 years thing. The CDC says the virus never leaves us but the longer than you go without more warts, then it probably has less chance of returning.  Whether you inform future partners is up to you. If you don't inform, then just wait enough time until they are all gone. If you want to inform and educate your partner, go here:


HPV infections are so common that nearly all men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives. Most people never know that they have been infected and may give HPV to a sex partner without knowing it. Nearly 80 million Americans are currently infected with some type of HPV. About 14 million people in the United States become newly infected each year.

Okay so because i have MS i will develop more warts? I honestly feel as if my warts have gone more than they have came since i found the first cluster of them. I had some serious ones that just disappeared and a lot of small ones that also disappeared. I feel as if i go through the freezing/burning process I will rid myself of these warts i pray. I also am a weed smoker so i definitely have to quit.

I am refraining from sex all together until i feel as if i am “cured” or whatever from these warts.

So even the people who don’t have warts does the HPV still remain in their system forever or is it just us with the warts? My sister once had HPV then i guess her body rid the disease and she tested negative for it.

I’m just scared I’m going to have this for a long time because of the fact I have me. There isn’t a lot of HPV-MS articles just one that i found that a woman’s HPV cleared and she has MS.

This is just a confusing process
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Also the cluster that i recently found on the outside of my vagina seems to be getting smaller too. I just had a look at them to see the progression

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