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Depressed about genital warts!

I am a 20 year old female,who after a 4 year relationship had a one night stand and managed to catch genital warts.
I had 2, which were first frozen off, I returned to the sexual health clinic 4 weeks later hoping they were gone, I still had one left.
They gave me warticon which I applied for 3 days a week for four weeks till I returned again to the sexual health clinic, this time I was told, not only was my remaining one still there, but the one that had gone had come back!
So again, I am applying warticon to them for 3 weeks and then to go back to the sexual health clinic. It's not fair, I just want them gone, I can't  have sex with my new boyfriend who I have been with for 6 weeks now because there is no way I want to pass it onto him. I haven't told him why and I don't want to, because even though he's lovely and understanding he will think I'm dirty! And I know he will get bored of waiting for me to have sex with him! It's all a big mess, I didn't deserve to catch them! The only one night stand I've had in my life and I get all this ! PLease help me!
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First of all, no one ever deserves to catch anything like this. Things just happen. I never had unprotected sex or multiple partners but i somehow managed to catch it. Yea the thought of it being unfair and whatnot has crossed my mind but that won't change anything.

Ok, now calm down and just listen. The warts and usually the virus itself clears in 90% of people within 8-24 months. With 70% clearing within a year and 90% clearing within 2 years. That doesn't mean people won't ever clear it. Its good that you only have couple of warts if any, some people have multiple warts over 20 that end up spreading to other areas.

Keep treating the warts, the warticon cream will kill the wart tissue but no necessarily the virus. The best medicine is your immune system, because the immune system is the thing which ends up taking care of viruses since there really is no antiviral treatment out there.

I say use the Aldara cream, ask your health care provider about it. You apply the cream to the affected spot 3x a week every other day for 16 weeks. Aldara is a immune system modifier, using your immune system to battle the virus itself.

Don't feel dirty, if you knew how many viruses our body had I'm sure you would be sick or overwhelmed. Genital warts are more of a cosmetic problem, keep treating them until they go away and don't come back.

As for your future partners, if the guy will leave you because you won't have intercourse with him, i say he's not worth it. However, I'm no one to speak for anyones relationships. If you ever want to be with someone and not give them the virus, you can advice them to get the HPV vaccine Guradisil. This prevents the 4 most prevalent strains of the virus, the one that causes warts and the high-risk strains.

Take daily vitamins, exercise, eat healthy don't smoke or drink. Doing this will help your immune system fight the virus.

Listen to me. IT WILL GO AWAY, never to be transmissible and never to cause anymore outbreaks. The best thing to do is fight it right? Don't give up on life or get depressed. Do some research and search the experts forum, both Dr. Hook and Dr. Handsfield give very good advice about HPV.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck
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Hey WIllow. Griever is rite on and he's helped me understand it better to. NOne of us deserves to get this stuff but yeah it happens. And i'm not out messing w everyone either. It sucks. I agree w Griever to bout the waiting. If someone doesn't want to be w u [6 wks isn't that long yo] for just u then u will know it. I havn't been w anyone since Apr. Get plenty of chances but like i said i'm not out there doing everyone i can. Still i miss sex. But i know from the things i read that the virus/warts wll go away and we will be ok!! SO take a deep breath and let it out bc there's alot worse things out there. Just be careful!!  HOpe ur doing better. JAke  =]  And i got the gardasil shot btw it helps for the future strains u can get..u have to get the shots a few times.
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Also, there is a terrible stigma associated with warts that messes with our heads and makes us feel dirty and unable to talk about it with new partners.  This stigma is worst when you first find out about it because we don't have any facts about it yet, just preconceived notions.  As you learn more and realize it's just a thing and no big deal really, you'll relax more and more.  You'll eventually have to discuss it with your man because you can't wait one to two years.  Don't worry about him leaving you or reacting badly, he most likely will not.  My roommate is dating a new lady right now who told him she has an active infection right now on her anus and he's all about her.  

Warts aren't a big deal and if this were a more mature relationship I'd even suggest having sex and not worrying about it.  For warts, there are no health risks associated so you aren't in any danger.  Warts are a cosmetic blemish at worst, something you get removed from time to time for about a year give or take.  If I were you, I'd focus on the fats and understanding how social stigma is affecting you. You'll be fine.  After the initial coming to terms it'll be no big deal.  

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Can you get pregnant if you have them?
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Don’t worry!! Your warts will go away and be a distant memory before you know it! I always had the tca treatments in the office. Worked wonders. I think I fought them for about two to three months before they left me alone! Keep your head up.. more people have had hpv then not!
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