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Dermisil - work or no?

I was diagnosed with genital warts 3 years ago. my doctor prescribed Aldara cream, which I bought and used, however it did nothing. She referred me to a specialist, but we just haven't had the money for me to follow through on that, so the warts have just gotten worse and worse and my self esteem is shattered.

I found an online add for Dermisil and it all SOUNDS encouraging, but if it's so good, why wouldn't my doctor have suggested it over invasive chances like laser surgery etc? I'd love to hear the opinions of other people as to whether it's worth it or just another one of those "natural remedy" fakes.
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I have read the same thing.... I recently read about papillex and was wondering about that treatment as well. My Dr. told me about apple cider vinager and he said that works great.... try that if you cant afford any Rx medication.... But im still looking into this papillex thing.
Sorry i cant help about dermisil question.
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apple cider vinegar is good (drink a tsp in the morning with water) to alkalize the system, but I don't know about it helping on genital warts. Did you try it and did it work for you?
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Nearly all "natural remedies", including apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil are ineffective. Follow your doctor's advice.
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Yes the Dermisil worked for my genital warts on the penis area. It took 3 weeks but it definitely caused them to dry up. I am also using the immune booster which also seems to help. I think there is a 10% off coupon code if you buy it at http://www.dermisil.com/categories/Skin-Care/Genital-Warts/ use 10off coupon they offered.
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Please stop trolling on sites.   I really want to help my ex with this and anyone who advertises with coupon codes when people need REAL treatment is only welcome on the Dermasil SALES sites,  not when there is a real site.
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That is complete BS.  Many natural remedies are very effective and often they are more effective than drugs prescribed by doctors.  NEVER blindly follow any doctor.  Do the research for yourself.  Apple cider vinegar did work for my warts.
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Apple cider vinegar worked for me.  I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and taped it to the affected area before I went to sleep.  It should stay on for several hours.  It may sting like crazy but that's because it is working.  After a few nights of doing this, the warts will start to turn black, dry out, and come off like a scab.  Sometimes the tape is too hard to use because it gets wet.  I had some at the base so I cut off the elastic part of a sock to slip over my penis and hold the wet cotton balls against the warts.  You may want to try cleaning the warts with peroxide before you apply the cotton balls.  It may also sting like hell but just ride it out.
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For a drug to be approved, it has to at least show statistically significant better efficacy than placebo or standard of care group on the population level in well controlled clinical studies. Natural remedies do not.
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Lol....you obviously don't know how the FDA works.  In order for a drug to be approved the right amount of money has to change hands.
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