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Do I have genital warts?

So 3 and a half weeks ago I noticed a couple small bumps where the shaft of my penis meets the scrotum and on my scrotum. I immediately freaked out and 8 days later I went and saw my doctor (not a specialist) just my normal doctor. He said he was certain they were not genital warts and he thought it was Folliculitis.

They do not have a rough texture. Just smooth very tiny bumps that appear white and red and they are perfect circles. My doctor said if they did not go away I would have to go see a urologist. It has now been 2 and half weeks and they are still there. I got frustrated because I am at college and it will be tough to go home for a doctors appointment so I applied apple cider vinegar. The bumps turned white and the next day I woke up and they looked like blackheads and scabs. I read that apple cider vinegar will turn warts and a number of other things white but I am really freaking out because it seems his Folliculitis diagnosis was definitely wrong.

I’d also like to add that I just started seeing a girl. I’ve had unprotected sex with her twice. The first time was exactly 2 weeks before the bumps and the second time was two nights before the bumps appeared but I realize warts can take a while to show up and I have had sex with 3 other girls in the past year.

Does it sound like I may have genital warts? If so, would the girl I’ve been seeing have them? Is it possible she gave them to me? I really need help here
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