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Do warts go away on their own?

I can't seem to get a clear answer on this one.  I've read that the virus is supposed to work itself out of the body after as long as a year for some people, though that's more rare.  I've been with this now for at least 10 months, it seems, and have gone through a few rounds of treatment, and am currently using Aldara on a bunch of visible warts.

My question is, at some point, will these warts just go away on their own?  Is the Aldara or some other method of treatment the only way to eradicate them?  I wonder if I shouldn't just count 'em up, and call the doctor for a quote (no insurance, unfortuately).  The funny thing is, I only had one when I saw the doctor the first time, and now I've got like 10-15. :(

So please, anyone that can tell me if I can expect them to disappear or fall off or whatever naturally, that'd be great.  Thanks.
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I wouldn't count on them going away on their own quickly.  Since no HPV infection persists forever, they would eventually go away on their own but this could take a substantial amount of time compared to treatment.  Treatment helps eradicate the virus by removing infected tissue, so it is advised.  Developing more after seeing a doctor is common.  I went to the doctor with about 5 initially, got them removed, and within 3 weeks developed about 20 more!  Since it was at the beginning of the infection, this was normal.  I completed a few months of treatment (TCA acid & Aldara) and now I have none and have yet to have a recurrence, and my doctor believes the infection has cleared within me.  The virus just acts differently in different people.  Like I've said to you before, if you don't have insurance and are in the States, I strongly recommend going to Planned Parenthood or your local STD clinic.  You can receive the same treatment for free or low cost at these locations.
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empathy, can i ask how long u have gone withouot a recurrence????
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Not too long yet, I'm in the watchful waiting period.  But I have no signs or symptoms of an impending outbreak (itching, redness, etc., most people don't have these symptoms prior to an outbreak, but I always did).
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Is it possible to get genital warts in your mouth?
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Genital warts are local to your genital area... This is extremely rare but you can also have hpv warts inside your mouth... this usually happens to people with weaker immune system, cancer or immuno deficiency like HIV... There have been several cases where people got oral wart and they were neither HIV positive and didn't had any cancer...
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I've had one wart on my hand for like 9 years...and I have a pretty good immune system. I wouldn't wait for it to go away on its own...mine spread to 5 in a few years.
If you are worried about money (I don't have health insurance either) here is an inexpensive method I found and used.
Apple Cider Vinegar: take a small portion of a cotton ball (enough to cover wart) and dampen/drip vinegar on it. Place it over the wart and then cover it with duct tape (or the waterproof band aids if you want to do it during the day). Just make sure the moisture stays locked in. It can hurt a lot, but it should turn dark and then go away within a week or so if you do it every night.
The Aldara helps boost your immune system, so I would think that would help too...or taking vitamin E.
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