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Does the HPV that causes warts ever go away? what would help it?

I'm a 26 year old male and my first outbreak of genital warts was about a year ago.  It was such a big shock to me and I haven't handled it very well.  I'm never happy anymore.  In fact, I'm depressed.  It's on my mind 24/7 and its hard to focus on work and everything else going on in my life.  Its a big secret that I haven't told to any friends or relatives and its killing me inside.  I need to rid this virus and symptoms from my body.  What can I do that will help this virus to suppress or to go away? I've done cryotherapy quite a few times but warts soon appear again on my pubic area and on the shaft of my penis.  I've heard that my immune system will eventually shed the virus but is this true?  I've been taking 1000mg Vitamin C pills a lot, is this a good idea?  I know this question is too much but please I need help badly.  =**(
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Dude, I don't think telling you anything will really make it better. Just try to remember that at least it is only cosmetic. You might be able to find someone that is in your same situation, and then it won't matter as much. Still *****. If you are up to it, try to live healthier and try some of the natural remedies around. This includes exercise. Try to keep your mood up too for your immune system's sake. Try st. johns wort, vitamin d, and fish oil along with exercise. Try aldera (have heard of side effects). Try something.
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i'm a 22 year old female and my first outbreak was in september and i was shocked as well.  i read that it is very common for your body to expel the virus after a couple of years, depending on the strength of your immune system.  stress is a significant factor in causing outbreaks for both genital warts and herpes.  if you keep stressing out about it you will keep getting outbreaks and you will stress more...it becomes a vicious cycle.  i agree with yi3o8: you should quit stressing out and start taking care of your health...if you do that, chances are that the virus will be gone in a couple of years. so, take care, and i wish you all the best.

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