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Does this look like a genital wart to you?

Hey there,

I just detected this a couple of days ago:


Do you think it is a genital wart? I'll have a doctor's appointment next week.

Thank you
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It’s quite possible, but so hard to know sometimes without doing a biopsy.. I guess it’s better to see what the gp thinks next week. I’ve been checked multiple times for warts on my vagina area and every time doc said it’s nothing. I was assulted last year and new growths just popped up few weeks ago inside my vagina on my hymen area to my horror, I went to the sexual health clinic and the doctor said it’s just vaginal papules-normal-not from the assult. I’m still feel not right so I have booked into a derm specialist next month is as soon as I can get it. If the doctor say it’s nothing you could ask for a biopsy or to see a specialist for another opinion if your still concerned. Best of luck and let me know how you go! If it is a wart, it looks like it’s in good spot to treat and remove, I’m not sure how they get rid of them inside the vagina:/:/
Also, my bumps don’t look like yours, they look stem like growths, which the doc said aren’t warts but online it states genital warts can be flat, cauliflower shape or stem like.. that’s why I’m getting another opinion to see what is going on as I also have horrivle symptoms down there. Which is a nightmare for it to be going on for months. With so many diff types of hpv it’s hard to know what you have without getting biopsied. Also if I is a wart, they may jsut treat and remove but I would ask for a biopsy if you can do then you know what strain you have in future
Thank you so much!

Actually the bump will be frozen off at my appointment and a biopsy will be done. In case it is a genital wart, I'll treat it with Aldara afterwards.

Good luck to you!
Ohk good! Thanks, let me know your results. Feels like it will be a long month ahead for me !
If they're freezing them off, the wart will be destroyed. If you want it biopsied, they'll have to incise it and send it to the lab. Most doctors won't want to bother with biopsying so you'll have to insist.
Also, that looks like warts to me. Just my opinion, though. Your doctor will be a better source, but a biopsy is the only true way.

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