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Ever have normal sex life again?

I found out yesterday that I have genital warts and got it from a previous boyfriend.
I have been dating someone else for about a month now and have been seeing him even longer. We haven't had sex or oral sex, only hand stuff.

I told him yesterday as well. He seems fine with it... Which confuses me. I thought he would run away as fast as he could. Should I expect him to change his mind about being with me? Do you think it has sunk in yet for him? If he stays with me and we last for a long enough time will we ever be able to have a somewhat normal sex life?

Also should i get my cervix checked because I have a strand of HPV? The doctor I went to didn't give me a pap.
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Hiya. GW can be scary but trust me, your sex life will not change. It's good he is fine with it, it shows maturity and an open mind, because the truth is, GW aren't that big of a problem. Make sure you do your research on GW and let him know the ins and outs of it.

Aslong as you have sex using protection, and you do so after you've had the warts treated and there gone - then you can have a 'normal' sex life. Keep in mind that having sex at that time reduces the risk significantly of passing it on but there is still a chance. Data suggests that people become clear of hpv in 6-24 months and a lot of people only have one occurance of it in there life. Make sure your boyfriend knows there is a good chance he will get the virus if you become sexually active with him.

The strain of HPV which causes genital warts is not the same that causes changes in the cervix. You have the low risk strain which causes no health issues. The high risk strain can sometimes leed to cancer. The doctor didn't give you a pap because the strain you have isn't the high risk one. Remember it is possible to have more than one strain of HPV at the same time.
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Thank you for your insight! :)

We've had the "sex" talk before I had even the slightest clue anything was wrong. We planned on waiting a while then (like aleast six months), so we'll have alot of time to discuss it and see how my treatments go. How long did it take for your warts to go away? Also what treatment did you use? Are you saying the immune system will finally get rid of the virsus, or that it will always be in your system (warts or no warts), or does it depend on the person/strand of HPV?
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I was prescribed aldara cream as the warts I had were very small and unnoticable. They cleared up really soon, in about a week and a bit they were comepletely gone. I did suffer some unpleasant side effects but it was nothing I couldn't handle and it went away in a week or 2.

This is the confusing bit. The virus HPV will always be in your system. Viruses are incurable unlike infections. Chlamydia is an infection, therefor it can be cured with antibiotics. HPV is a virus, like HIV it cannot be cured by treated.

So the immune system evenutally 'clears' the virus, meaning dispite the fact you will always have it in your system, it will be caged and cause no trouble. You will not have wart symptoms and will not be contagious. So you will be practically cured BUT there is always a chance your symptoms can reacur. This happens mainly when your unhealtgy, even something like a cold could triger the virus and make it active again. Or at times of stress which could aggrivate the hpv in your system.

HPV is kind of like a cold. When you get a cold your immune system eventually 'cages' it and you become immune from that strain. So realy, you will always have the cold in your system, it will just apear that you haven't.

When your immune system clears the HPV, it lays dormant in your system. Its 'sleeping' and is practically undetectable.
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Not everyone has results like that with aldara. In fact most don't. You may have to try a variety of treatments. I too have small unnoticeable ones but aldara doesn't do much and surely not in two weeks. It is used over a course of 16 weeks and is not an overnight cream. It takes time and does have side effects. Mainly skin irritation but as amy mentioned nothing you can't handle. The best treatment for myself has been freezing. It takes the dermatolofist minimal time and it heals in like a week with no wart left. However some warts may need more than one treatment. Plus you may notice another one when you get home that you didn't point out in the office. My recommendation would be to get an initial freezing and a prescription of aldara. Multi vitamin exercise and lots of veggies fruit and water. It takes time. Up to 2 years for this to finally be cleared. I'm on just over a year now. Patience is a virtue for sure! Fortunately I have a wife which has no symptoms so it hasn't effected my sex life at all. Best of luck to you!
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That is true, I was just stating my personal experience with aldara.
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I have had the liquid nitrogen thing done twice. Has is left much scarring? I am a very pale white woman, and I am scared it is going to scar badily. As for Aldara can you only apply it to ones that haven't been frozen yet? Also how often are you suppose to put Aldara on/when?

As for you and your wife, did you sleep with her when you did have warts? (sorry if that was a bit too personal) Also how many warts do you have left now or have you been on top of it and they're almost gone?
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No I don't have any scarrig just normal skin. I am fairly tan or could be at least.  You can apply them to froze or unfrozen ones. Just helps either way. My dermatologist says everyday but aldara and it's makers state 3xs a week. That is what I do. Yes we sleep with each other while I had warts. The virus does not have a ping pong effect. They say not to have sex with other uninfected people but I am married. We both share the virus. I'm almost positive she is who I got this from as well. Although I know this cannot be for certain. Se is asymptomatic to genital warts. I just got my first freeze treetmet about a month ago and it cleared out about 10 of them (all small small like a mm maybe) I have about 8 left that some didn't react as well as others plus a few I didn't point out because again very small an hard to see. I can definitely understand how some can have them and it going unnoticed. My doc wants me to treat the rest with aldara for 8 weeks. If still there I will follow up with freezing again. I know for sure another freezing or two and I would be good. I just can't wait till it's done.    Hpv sucks! My dermatologist says she gets about a new case a day. It is very common!
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I definitely understand you on the unnoticed thing. If i didn't shave down there, I would probably of never even knew/see them!

I am definiately going to ask for some of that when i go see the doctor on Monday. I get another freezing on Monday as well. How much does Aldara burn? Also what are the other side effects of it?

One more question about the burning as well, how long did it take for one burned area to heal/ did is blister/ was it very noticable that the wart was done?

Sorry for so may questions! Haha.
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It doesn't burn at all. However my experiences may different than yours.  There are potentially a ton of side effects. Basically all kinds of skin irritations some even get flu symptoms. This is rare. No blistering though to my knowledge. It really isn't bad at all. But some individuals do have rough experiences. Just give it a shot   Your not asking too many questions I don't mind at all.
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My OB just called and told me that I had abnormal cells on my pap. She has me coming in the morning for a colposcopy. I am freeking out!!!Does this mean I def have HPV?
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I have genital warts since last August, and three days ago was my first visit to a doctor. He applied a dark colour liquid(believe to be Podophyllin 10-%-20%) and gave me a blue color cream plus some antibiotic. The doc told me to visit him again in a week.

After just 3 days, I m so glad to see those stubborn warts are drying up and many start falling off. Please get those **** treated as soon as possible because mine was a small cluster in the begining, and it spread to the surrounding of my penis and anus.

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I have left behind the "relationship part of my life" for the last 4 years due to my genital warts .. Yes I can freeze them off ..and yes they come back .. but once I get sexually active they go haywire and start showing themselves. (sometimes worse then before) you cant wear condoms to cover the area where they are :( .. You cant trust your SAFE to be with someone ..just because you cant see anything .. LIFE AND LOVE SUCKS! .. all I can do is to hope that I find someone .. someday with the same issues and therefore MY ONLY RESULT .. If Im clear today .. you can bet that once I get involved with someone .. after a few weeks its over ..

would you say I am correct ..
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As to the DONT TELL aspect .. no there is no laws to get you in trouble .. but anyone at any time can sue someone for giving them HPV warts without telling them .. I personally have been sued and she was awarded .. they got a hold of my medical records and it clearly showed that I knew before hand .. HPV WARTS SUCK NO MATTER WHAT! .. if you have them .. (my personal opinion) .. you have to find someone else going through the same issues ..
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