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Experiencing no side effects whatsever from Aldara

I've been using Aldara for over two weeks now and am experiencing absolutely no side effects at all.  Now I'm not disappointed believe me, but the one and only nice thing about side effects is that they indicate that whatever you are using is not "working" per-se but that it's doing *something*.  Is this normal?  

Also, my doctor did a pretty deep freeze of the warts before sending me home with Aldara.  He said to start the next day right on top of the scabs/blisters, which was a Friday.  The scabs fell off in a week and I was of course left with raw skin/tissue.  Is this normal to put Aldara over an un-healed wound?  Can I apply a tripple anti-biotic ointment to the wounds on days when I'm not using Aldara?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks for any help.  
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i think these questions best answered by ur doc unless someone comes on here whose been thru xactly what u've been!
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I notice that a large amount of posts are answered like this.  Almost seems spamish...it's like why have a forum if everybody is just going to say go see your doctor.  
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there used to be quite a few knowledgeable ppl with warts post on here who don't anymore.....and i don't know xactly why.it is dissapointing and frustrating to me as a community leader for it seems like i'm the only one here trying to give suggestions/answers and i've never had warts.so i do the best i can!plus many will ask for answers to individual medical needs that cannot possibly be answered here.....and i wish someone would post whose been in ur shoes!
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Aldara is a cream that activates a local immune response. If there is nothing there for the immune system to attack there will be no side effects.  

If for example, your are diagnosed with a melanoma skin lesion and the doc says to apply the aldara 1x/day every other day for 3 months. During this time, if your skin reacts violently in that area and perhaps beyond where the original lesion was, then your immune system is in over drive and will successfully clear the cancer in the area of the reaction.  If there is no reaction, then there was nothing to attack.

You need to talk to your doc about your specific questions, because those of us responding are not doctors. It's quite possible that the freezing took care of everything and the aldara was a precautionary back up treatment.

I only have experience with aldara through experiments here at work.
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my mother 75 years used Aldara on a carcinome, after 2 weeks she feels very side effect including convulsions.she died.
What i can tell is that before using Aldara she feels very well.
Maybee Aldara works for some people, but for the other it could be really dangerous .
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