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Female Genital warts

Hi All,
Im a 31 year old lady who is fairly heathy. I have recently been diagnosed with Genital warts. My GP started me on Aldara 5%. I have 2 starting and now i have about 15. Im getin depressed over this as i cant see any improvement and started a new relationship the same week i was diagnosed. I have of course talked to him about it and he has been checked out at the local STD clinic and is clear.
Im so upset about this im not sleepin.
Has anyone any advise as im considering getin them frozen off. and can someone please tell me how long the HPV virus ACTUALLY stays in your system as ive seen a million different answers online and all are different.
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This is the center for disease controls page on HPV. The recovery time for HPV is different for everyone. Most doctors will say get rid of the warts and then wait six months without any new warts before you have sex.( btw your bf might not be clear men can only be tested if they have visible warts it doesn't mean they aren't carrying the virus) the CDC and everything I have read says that 90% of people clear HPV with in two years.

I did the same thing with not sleeping when I got diagnosed with HPV but all that is doing is stressing your body out and making it harder to heal, relax. 80% of sexually active people will get HPV in there lifetime your not the only one.
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thanks a million for the advise. 2 years seems like an eternity. my doc says you can have sex once the warts are gone, use a condom though.

but thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

the Aldara is not workin, more have appeared so im getin them frozen off, just wiating for an appointment now, in the mean time im trying Tea Tree oil as it has anti-fungal properties. it cleared my thrush years ago so im giving it a go.

It removed hand warts on many of my friends hands and have never come back, and research has shown that it does help fight the HPV also. let you know how i get on.

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Oh wow .. I am in the exact situation as you ..
I found out I have HPV/Genital warts 2 weeks ago and I was horrified .. I also just started a relationship no even a month ago .. I really like the guy he is amazing .. we haven't had sex yet .. I keep pushing it off after i found out about my infection. I am not sure how i"ll be telling him ..but it's gonna have to happen at some point .. or I might just break up with him for his own sake :(
I also read that it should clear from your system within couple of years depending on the strain and your health. I am also a healthy person i work out almost 5 days a week and eat fairly healthy .. it sucks that my immune system couldn't fight it before I develop symptoms .
I had many warts but most were really tiny, the Dr. froze couple off when she diagnosed me .. and said to come back in couple of weeks. I went home and researched A LOT .. I didn't want to just sit around till next treatment, the dr prescribed Aldara but I wanted to go with a natural remedy first. I used Apple cider Vinegar .. it burns really bad but it got rid of 80% of them in 2 days .. After that I started using Tree Tea oil and Castor oil .. within the past two weeks .. some seem to re appear but i keep fighting them with the Tea tree oil .. try this site it's really helpful

I also I am taking Beta-Mannan which is an Aloe vera product that is suppose to help your system get rid of the virus in 90 days ..
I am a little skeptic about it .. but I rather do it and fail than regret not doing anything later ..
I am very sad too .. but it's a fact now and I have to learn to deal with it
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Thanks for the advice, yea i have the aloe plant on my window. hahah.isnt it so depressing. look all i can say is that i told the guy i was with and he was fine about it, hes 36 and mature. ive been lucky.my mate tells me that most people dont have sex with a new partner for months so your doing the right thing waitin. i would however tell him as he can still pick it up through foreplay, believe it or not. i thought id be dumped when i told him, but he was fine, he said it could have been worse, ie, cancer so i know your may feel like its the end of the world as i did, but your will be doing yourself and him a favour by tellin him, And if he fiishes it with you then hes a creep and at least you know it now. FACT.
it is treatable and not life threatening so if thats any help try to concentrate on that.
i may seem like no matter what advise you are told your gonna feel like crap ( and the truth is you are) but you have to put it in perspective, iT WILL CLEAR EVENTUALLY. i have to repeat this to myself every hour of every day as i feel like a scank. not much help when i tell you i dont sleep around and always use a condom, but thats the reality.
i was with one guy after a 12 year relationship and i got  them so dont let yourself get down. it could happen to a bishop.hahaha
best of luck with it.
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Hi Eve,
I just wanted to let you know that im an all clear now. i would up getin cryo done and then getin them surgically removed. not fun, also finished up with the guy i was seeing too. Actually happier as he turned out to be a pain in the ***. Just said id let you know how i was getin on and was wondering if you had any success with you problem.

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Hi, i was exactly the same, it has been about 2 months now since i found out and i was horrified, i couldnt sleep and i just felt disgusted in myself, i think every female feels the same, i am still on mendication, i have warticon cream, it seems to work then they flair up gain but more, and i get depressed again, i have been taking multi vitamins and eating real heathy, immune system boosting aparently is a good help.
Keep up with your medication it takes a while as it needs to make its way into your system but in the long run itl work!
As for how long it takes to be clear. its different from person to person, some people dont even show signs, but yes they say up to 2 years! which i agree seems forever, but hopefully some people tend to be clear in a few months, my friend was in 3 months!!

Fingers crossed hun, let us know your progress :)
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