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Flat warts on underneath the chin and on Thumb

Hey Doctor

I have had flat warts under my chin in the shaving area for more than 2 years now. I had them for a while before i realised they were warts.This was because i had razor bumps issue and had sensitive skin, so i never realised i got warts, i kept shaving(and applied stop bump creams n shave lotions) n spreading them under the chin area for quiet some time before switching to electric razor and getting treatment.They are far reduced now, but keep coming back even after freezing, aldara and electric burning.

For a few months(3-4 months just a while back) i had the wart on my right thumb too, i didn't realise that either, and i kept biting into it(i have this habit of biting the skin arund my nails) , and when eating (in my culture we eat with bare hands most of the time) i might have licked it quiet a few times.Now with freezing n salysilic acid it is gone.

My worry is that before i got married i did get the services of quiet a few call-girls with whom i had protected sex but did give oral sex to them in unprotected way and received from some, unprotected oral sex.No kinky stuff or anal sex though. One of them told that she had cervical cancer but she recovered by the time we did it.

I vaguely remember that i had this shaving bumps problem before i met the first call girl of my life, not sure if they were warts or sentisitive skin bumps, i guess latter cos i had explicitly started noticing that problem. I haven't had any genital warts till date, i got that inspected by doctor also. I get medical done anually there is nothing wrong with my blood reports or any other regular checks etc. though i have high triglycerides.

But now im scared if my biting the wart can cause warts in my mouth or oral tract?
Do i have a concoction of HPV viruses in my body and ultimately i might end up with cancer of mouth or head?
Is my wife infected already? is she exposed to cerviacal cancer virun? i plan to get her on gardisil.
Will it affect my wife's fertlity or affect my fertility, though my feltlity is good as i got that tested before marriage.

Please advise doctor, and let me know how bad my situation is.Am i really in risk of something big like prolonged illness, cancer etc.
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This is not doctor's forum... to post your question to STD experts/ doctors you may use the link below:


I'm not a doctor but I can comment and give you some basic information on your questions:

1) The strain of hpv that causes body warts do not usually survive well inside mouth... There are chances that you might have transmitted the virus in your mouth but nothing can be said with certainity... You'll know for sure only seeing a wart in your mouth... The best you can do is stop your biting habit... currently, there is no hpv FDA approved test for men ...

2) The low risk hpv strain that you have is never cancerous and is benign... nothing to be worried about...

3) Probably yes, your wife has already contracted the virus... You've your exposure with both the low risk (wart causing) and high risk (causing cervical cell changes - cancerous) strains... The best your wife can do is to keep herself regularly screened with pap test... Or she can get HPV DNA test that is done with your routine pap smears... The test can only tell you what type of strain you've, either low or high risk... the test is only useful if you've the active infection... usually, pap smear is considered for primary diagnoses... Gardisil will not be useful if you both have to stay in monogamous relationship... Both of you've already become immune to the strains you've and neither of you can get the same strain again... Gardisil is not a hpv cure but a vaccination...

4) No, hpv will not cause any fertaility issues to both of you...

The best you both can do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy diet, vitamins, excercise, sleep, vegitables & fruits to empower your immune system to fight off the infections caused by hp virus... stop smoking & heavy drinking as well... Almost all the infection caused by hpv are cleared at their own within a period of 6-24 months...
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