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GW home remedies .

I've had genital warts now for over 2 years, confirmed by visual examination , I was prescribed SOME sort of liquid that got rid of 2 out of 3 of them. Since then any time I get one I dip a Cotton ball in apple cidar vinegar and place it on the wart, holding it in place with a bandaid and leave it over night, this gets rid of the warts usually within 2-3 days. However it irritates my skin.

MY QUESTION, is in regards to vinegar baths.
I have read online you can take vinegar baths by pouring some vinegar into a full bath and soaking. Now I'm wondering if by doing this it will treat genital warts? And most likely do so with less irritation because the vinegar is diluted . Any experts out there with information on this ?
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Ill be the guinea pig tonight
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I asked my Dr about home remidies to remove genital warts and even got a second and third opinion on them issue.. they all said it doesn't work and that it will annoy them.

Many people said to try the one you are doing but I can't stand the smell of vin. Due to being preggo lol.

I went ahead and had tca treatments done once a week and it hurt but did work. Took about 6 to get rid of them. Only problem I had and found rather nasty was there clean up. Going to them bathroom and finding those nasty things in my panties or toilet paper. And it felt as if they Dr was putting a cig out on the warts. Other than that it gave me No issue at all. Best part is...  still clear!

I hope you find relief soon. Maybe try tca treatment done at your Dr office.
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The acv treatment really does work great, it's gotten rid of any wart I've had. I tried the bath thing 4 times now, don't think it's gonna do anything for the warts but I've been mixing Epsom salts and acv into the bath and its great, I had a sore back and it was gone after the bath, and it's good for your skin
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