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Gardasil & Immune Boosters

I am a 20 year old gay male and I have HPV and anal genital warts. Immediately after being diagnosed I got my first gardasil shot and am about to get the second part of it. I understand the shot wont cure the HPV strand that i already have, but my question is will i be protected from it in the future if my body has already been compromised to it?

Also does anyone have any good advice on how to build a strong immune system in order to help my body fight off the HPV and warts?
I take lots of vitamins but of course am open to any more that could help, I take garlic tablets, C, D, B50, calcium and lots of greens plus.
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Since you are Male, I don't see the point of taking folic  acid.
To boost your immune system you have to conciser it wont happen over night. That is a process. When taking immune boosters you have to have in mind that you have to pay attention to timing. You use them for 2 moths, and you have a break of one month, and again two moths, and one month break, and so on.
I recommend:
First thing in the morning stretching and a glass of water!
All the immune system boosters have to be around your meals, best before meals.
One more thing , just good to know. It is best that you eat your meals almost at the same time every day.- you dont have to do that, but that is another step towards a healthy life.
vitamin c, magnesium, zinc, omega3, echinacea, propolis drops.
you can also take in option : organic coconut oil, blended flax seed.
Eat a lot of green vegetables, all vegetables and a lot of fruit, NO JUNK FOOD OR DRINKS!
If you have any questions pm me.
Best of luck
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The vaccine will protect you from strains that you don't already have. Also, take: Zinc oxide and Folic Acid (if your B50 doesn't contain it). For the C, make sure it has Biflavonoids and at least 1500-2000 mgs pe day until the warts go away.  I also use this product:

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