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Gardasil side effect, vaginal sores and swelling?

My 11 year old has dose 1 of guardasil 3 weeks ago. We spent the morning in the ER she has sores around her vagina and a swollen labia. Two days of fever and vomiting. Asked the doctor and pediatrician if this could be a side effect and both said probably not. Kept asking if she had been touched or injured. Gave her some bactrim and sent us home. We have a follow up with the pediatrician tomorrow. The sores are bleeding. Could this be a side effect?
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my sister also recieved the vaccine and has the same problem she has had it for 12 months now. has your daughter had any more episodes or and other symptoms?
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I have read that these are rare but can happen side effects for the Gardisil shot and for doctor and pediatrician to say probably not is so incredibly assinine!pray she gets relief soon!:)
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It was the gardahell.  It can also cause cervical cancer......Of course Merck won't tell you and neither will their well paid mouth pieces.  (the medical community)  Merck gives millions to health organizations and businesses.  I would not be surprised if your hospital was on their list.
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I have had the same problem as your daughter but I got the first shot when I was 17 and I got my first sores about 6 months later, when I was 18. Of course I was tested for every STD under the sun despite not being sexually active at the time. I am now 20 and still have the sores that come back every so often, including right now. I have been to 7+ doctors now and their best guess is that I have some kind of autoimmune disorder, but seeing more cases like mine makes me wonder....
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Hey there , Sorry to hear about your Daughters experience .I do work for a peditrician and i never heard of that .The only thing complaint we get is the shot itself is painful and the pain can cause fanting , so we make our patients stay in the office for 15min. after giving the injection. i have also heard from someone outside of work that some teenagers who got the gardasil thought it covers all STD's and they went and had sex and got herpes rash ??  Not to sure about all that ?  Are your pediatricians taking swab cultures and sending it to the lab to identify the sores ... I hope she gets better.
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Lily has been diagnosed with Behcet's disease. What I thought was dried blood was necrosis. The Labia Minor was removed. After a month in the hospital being treated for flesh eating bacteria and severe infection (although no bacterial growth). She was diagnosed 4 months later. The cause of Behcet's is unknown and rare in this part of the world. We are learning to handle her chronic illness..... No issues with her health before this.  Thank you all for your comments and concerns.
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I found this on the gardasil website.. hope it helps

Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of GARDASIL, including those severely allergic to yeast, should not receive the vaccine
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I know this is 5 years after your initial post, but my daughter was vaccinated with Guardasil at age 12 (in 2009), and this week (8/2014, at age 16) she was diagnosed with Behcet's syndrome.  Behcet's is an extremely rare disease in the USA, so it took over a half a year of symptoms before the doctors finally determined this was Behcets.  Local doctors also expressed that they've seen an 'outbreak' of Behcets with girls between the ages of 12 and 16 (which didn't make sense for a genetic syndrome, which usually affects only males).  Then only tonight, I started googling "Behcet" and "Guardasil" in the same line and found several potential links online between Behcet's and Guardasil.  Considering how rare Behcet's is in the US, and especially among females, I believe the link between Behcet's and Guardasil should consider some serious investigation.
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