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Genital Wart Or Molluscum...Im So Confused

Hi all, im sorry if i have to ask again but i wanted to make sure with my condition..

first of all, i was infected from an unprotected sex June 2010...few days later until 2 weeks later i noticed some small red/white bumps on my penis (randomly placed but all stand alone..), i didnt know they were warts or molluscum. I didnt even know anything about STD so i squeezed them and they usually had some white thingey coming out of them (like if you squeezed your acne but the color is white..)

Then in early July (2 weeks after that unprotected sex) i finally got sick, maybe because the body attacked the virus...when I fell down i could see a lot of new bumps appeared and I was very certain this was STD. I went to a dermatologist in hospital and she said I had HPV. She gave me electrocauterization to kill all those bumps/warts...

2 weeks later i could see a lot of new warts reappeared but the doctor gave me an ointment (maybe aldara or something) and it really helped...i had another recurrence in early September (1 month afterward) and also another one in 2nd week of November. Both outbreaks werent really much, just 2-4 very small bumps and what I did was squeezing them and applied vinegar on them. It helped although prob left me some scars...

Fool me, i was so naive. I thought condom would protect me on getting another one. I had sex again (this time protected) on 17 February. A day after that I could see finally two other bumps appeared. One on my thigh and another one (strangely) on top of my penis. They were located far one to another...

I went to another dermatologist and i've told him these bumps are exactly the same kind of bumps that i've been receiving since last July (reddish bump, sometimes with white core inside it. And when I squeezed it, they always had some white thingey coming out of them, like when you squeeze an acne, but the color is white)...

he said it can't be genital wart, it must be molluscum. He said genital wart usually spread very close one to another and it doesnt have anything inside it so when we squeeze it, we can tell difference between a wart and a molluscum bump...

Im pretty confused...what I want to ask you guys are...

1. Is it true what the 2nd dermatologist told me? Is it true that genital wart never had anything inside it when you squeeze? Is it true what i've been having actually is molluscum since it always had something coming out of it everytime i squeezed one? Well, i never had some "warts" grouping in one area, they always appear as small bump and located in very different positions (like one on top of my penis and another one on the back of my balls, and so on, they never close one to another)

2. I've been reading through internet, they said genital warts sometimes recur until 1-2 years until our antibody take care of the virus by itself while molluscum should be easily get ridden off after surgery (such as electroucauterization) by the doctor. If it recurs, usually it means there were some hidden molluscum bumps that weren't noticeable in the first surgery. Is it true? I still don't 100% believe what i have is molluscum because if it's true, why i have had regular outbreaks like last September and November? (although the amount of the bumps were way less) Is it because i squeezed them by myself so they spread? But if they spread, why they recur after several months instead of directly?

3. Do you think i have the latest outbreak in the past one week from the latest protected sex? I never heard that molluscum has different strains, just one kind of virus which is pox virus. If let's say i get another molluscum virus from the last sex (February and it was protected), can I have new bumps considering i should have my body trying to fight the same virus since last June? Or how does molluscum work?
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a note: i dont think there's anything wrong with my antibody. i have been tested HIV and herpes last September and December (6 months after that unprotected sex) and i was clean. And actually i never had any risky behavior anymore since June before the last time I did it in 17 February (and it was with condom)
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oh and also, the amount has been always way less...

i mean when i had these bumps for the first time in early July, i had lots of them. When it recurred 2 weeks afterward, the amount of these warts/bumps were like only half compared to the first outbreak. September i only had 6 new warts/bumps. November i had only 2...however this February i think i have around 4 new warts. Thing is, they dont occur at the same time. I had the first bump last 18 February, second one at 19 February, another one at 21 February, and the last one just today. And they are located far one to another (one in thigh, two at the top of my penis but not close, and the latest one at the back of my balls)
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Well, the answer to this question can't be answered by me or perhaps not by most or any that read this forum these days.  You might have to post on the "Ask An Expert" forum to get more info.  

That being said, I have a feeling that any time you squeeze the shite out of something there is a chance something might come out.  I'm not saying what you saw isn't real, but having to squeeze really hard makes me wonder a bit.  Also, you've done enough research by now I'm sure to know what to look for with molluscum right?  It's supposed to have that depression in the middle of it.  That's about all I know about it.  Your research must've told things about it's behavior and life cycle and all that that either parallels your experience or it doesn't.  Also, Having one on your thigh doesn't sound like genital warts to me and yes, they tend to be localized, not all over the map.  Still, many scenarios are possible, even if not statistically likely with HPV.  

My advice, don't ever pop them again, just don't do it.  Go directly to your doctor or dermatologist and never try and treat them yourself.  Vinegar won't do it anyways.  By visiting your doctor as soon as possible, you'll let him/her see the symptoms before you F with it.  That's all you can do and the best course of action.  
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yeah i dont squeeze it anymore and i plan to visit the 2nd dermatologist again by tomorrow...

but again, it isnt hard to squeeze my bump...it's pretty easy just like when you squeeze an acne (when it's hard enough). Well i've been researching for molluscum on the net indeed but again pics on the net usually are the extreme ones. However, i believe the extreme pics of molluscum definitely look more similar to the ones i have compared to genital wart extreme pics...one thing i wonder is, how does early genital wart looks like...because that might give me an idea about what i have..
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Yeah, forget about any pic you see of GW the internet.  They don't look like that in real life.  That's what is so infuriating about STD info on the web.  Here, try this link:  http://www.skinsight.com/adult/condylomaAcuminatumGenitalWart.htm   The caption should read:  This image displays multiple small condylomas (genital warts) on the shaft of the penis.  Scroll through till you find it if it's not the correct caption.  Mine looked like the smallest ones you can see there and I had no more than four at a time.  The first two times I only had one.  Early genital warts look like a flesh colored bump.  It's simple really.  There can be one or multiple.  Some say it can take on a cauliflower-like appearance but I've also read that for small ones you need a magnifying glass to see that if it's there at all.  Mine looked just like super small bumps, no bigger than the space enclosed in this e here.  My first two weren't even the size of the inside of this o and it didn't grow at all either.  

You're doing the right thing by going to the doctor.  It's the only sure fire way to know.  Keep in mind that doctors have differing opinions and levels of ability.  Make sure the doctor makes you feel like you've been diagnosed intelligently and read up a bit more on the differences and come armed with some questions you may have so that you don't leave with any doubt.  
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actually mine looked like the smallest as well. From the link you gave me, mine looked like the ones in the 6th picture (bottom-right). You can see some very small bumps/warts there around the cauliflower in the middle. Mine looked like those very small warts but again mine are located far one to another (i had one on top of my penis, another one on thigh and now i have another one behind my ball). So they don't located close one to another...

Well the first doctor seemed more legitimate as she was in a famous hospital. However, the 2nd doctor was way more experienced in STDs i believe because he's the same doctor who check on prostitutes of one brothel house near that clinic every 2 weeks (I went there just because of that reason, because obviously he has seen tons of STDs...)
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