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Genital Warts - Aldara

I have been diagnosed with genital warts.  The doc froze them off then he prescribed Aldara cream.  He said that I should put the cream right on the spots that he froze.  He said that I did not need to wait for those spots to heal and that I could start using Aldara right away.  Is this ok??  Also, I am not quite sure if I have other warts on the shaft of my penis.  There are a few other very small bumps that I am not sure of.  It is ok to rub the Aldara over these spots even if they turn out not to be warts?  I think my doc said that the cream won't really harm the normal skin, but it will seek out the warts if it is in contact with them.  He said to use the cream on anything that I think might be a wart.    
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PLEASE research Aldara throughly before using and only use as perscribed.

It should only be used 3 times a week, with a day or 2 between days.

Use MINIMAL amount just to cover warts, and fully rub in.

My doctor easily perscribed me Aldara barely explaining how to use it. But when I searched online, i found many stories of EXTREME allergic reactions to it!
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