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Genital Warts & Disclosure.


I'm seeking advice on a recent issue I've been dealing with. I'd like to preface this by saying I know what I've done is not right, and I am judging myself extremely hard, as a result. I feel awful and am simply seeking the best course of action moving forward, with as little judgment as possible. For real - I can't stop worrying about this.

Here's the issue.

About a month ago, a girl and I had unprotected sex. We started with a condom, but she kind of convinced me to take it off (as I was having trouble staying hard). We were both extremely intoxicated, as well. Previously, I had been diagnosed with Genital Warts. I didn't currently have anything I recognized as a wart on me, and I hadn't for a couple of months. I didn't mention anything. Yes, I know. I'm the absolute worst. Please trust that I feel it.

Cut to three and a half weeks later, I go to a wedding, have a pretty chaotic drunken party night. The following day, I get the worst outbreak of what appear to be warts I've ever seen. Dozens. They literally appeared over night.

Now, I have a couple of concerns.

1. As mentioned, this looks nothing like what I previously had. There are so many. Up until that point, I had only ever had a single wart here or there; very sparse. Always easily dealt with. Is it possible that this is something I picked up from her? Can you pick up different wart strains after you already have one?

2. I care very little about me having this. I can deal with it. I can't deal with giving this to someone else. Not telling her was a drunken mistake that won't ever happen again, but I don't know what to do about this current situation, now.

I had no warts present; is it worth it to bring up something that may cause her an immense amount of stress that may never even affect her? The result of this would be her constantly worrying about it, and never testing positive. That could go on for ages.

I realize I'm a monster, and I'm NOT looking for any kind of easy way out. My guilt is thick, and here to stay, no matter what. I just want to handle this in a way that will do the least amount of damage.

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There are over 100 strains of HPV of which a small amount cause genital warts. HPV strains 6 and 11 cause over 90% of cases. It is therefore possible that you contracted another strain of genital warts even after your previous case.

As for how to deal with it - that is something that you must decide. But whatever you decide, be kind to yourself and don't worry too much. You will get through all of this just fine.
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Hi there. Im very sorry for you. I know this could be hard to handle even when I think of it it gives me shiver. I also had an exposure some 35 days back but still I hv not shown ne sign except a swollen lymph node near right side of my groin. Can u plz tell me if this inguinal gland swelling near right side of my groin a potential sign of hpv. I got this swelling five days back but I can still feel it when I touch it. Plz help me know about it. I checked so many messages but hardly found people telling about gland swelling near groin. Plz help me out
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