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Genital Warts deadly?

I have been diagnosed with genital warts. I'm terrified and completely lost. I'm wandering if this is going to end my life? I have a wife and 2 kids whom I dearly love. Someone help me.
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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  Your terror and feeling of being lost are what we all felt for the most part when we first were diagnosed ourselves.  You'll discover what we've all discovered, that this isn't going to end your life.  Once you get over the initial shock, fear, self-loathing, ect... you'll find it's really not that big a deal.  Would life have been much easier and simpler had you not contracted the HPV wart virus?  Yes, but having it is hardly the death sentence you catastrophize  it to be.  You'll be alright.  I promise.  Your kids never need know, but it's impossible to tell from your post if you got warts from your wife or if you got them from an extramarital encounter.  If they're from your wife, you're pretty much all good, but if you cheated, well, then, unfortunately, we all must fact the karmic repercussions of our life choices (me included and, boy, have I) so that's going to take some guts.  Anyway, if you indeed have genital warts and your experience is the typical experience, then you can expect outbreaks every month to three months (ballpark generality) for about a year.  After that, most infections aren't usually a problem.  Once you've gone six months to a year with no new outbreaks,  you are probably in this part of the your HPV journey.  With warts, though, many things are possible, so you may have them come back again or you may not.  It's impossible to predict.  
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Thank you. Just so afraid they will lead to cancer
Genital warts don't lead to cancer. They are cosmetic only. They are considered low risk hpv. The high risk strains are the ones that can cause cancer but it's exceedingly rare in men.
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Ok I've read so many different things online. Just never know what to believe. I havent actually been diagnosed yet but I know exactly what it is. Just preparing for it. Really has been the worst month of my life.

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