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Genital Warts on Foreskin?

I have a couple of small growths on foreskin (I am circumsised but have quite a bit of skin left).  You can't see them normally as they are hidden in the folds.  I also have several fordyce spots around the circumference of my penis in the area of foreskin.  These look a tiny bit different but could be sebaceous hyperplasia given I do have fordyce spots.  Needless to say I am scared to death.  I have two questions:

1.  Do genital warts go "flat" and pretty much disappear when the skin is stretched out?
2.  If I do the old wives tale test of apple cider vinegar will it turn white if it is a wart?

Thanks in advance for any insight?  
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Yes, they can go flat, but that doesn't mean it's a genital wart.  The vinegar test is not reliable.
I know it's not but just wondering if what I read about vinegar turning warts white or having some kind of impact has an validity.
It has no validity as far as I've read. I tried it back in the day, myself, when I first got warts, and it didn't do anything. Do you have access to a dermatologist or a primary care provider or a sexual health professional? Getting it biopsied is really the only sure fire way to know. Most professionals will just want to visually diagnos, though, so insist if that's what you choose to do.
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The stigma of genital warts is worse than the warts themselves. Worse case....they're warts.....and in the grand scheme of life, it's no big deal. You get a prescription, strengthen your immune system, they go away and in most cases they won't return. They are just a speed bump in life. Sure a little embarrassing, but nothing to lose sleep over. After the warts are gone your body will keep the virus locked away in most cases and the likelihood of passing it along decreases. Just breathe. And as SkaterDave said, the vinegar test is worthless. Get checked.
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