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Genital Warts or Not?

Hello medhelp community,

     Thank you in advance for your advice. My wife and I have been married going on 6 years. During our first pregnancy she was diagnosed with HPV, about 6.5 years ago. I am assuming I also have it. Recently I have started to notice quite a few red flags indicating an affair. This started about 3-3.5 months ago. By researching genital warts I have found they tend to appear as early as 2-3 months after infection all they way up to a few years later. My wife has been my only sexual partner for the past 8 years. About 3 weeks ago I noticed what looks like a BB sized pimple between my scrotum and anus. This growth has a whitish appearance and is not painful or irritating in any way. It is also not easily "poppable" like a pimple would be and doesn't seem like an ingrown hair. Once I noticed the growth I inspected the rest of my genital for bumps. Under the shaft of my penis are 3 smaller odd looking bumps. I recently had a full STD test ran and came back negative. I do understand HPV is very hard to detect in males. I will be attaching a photo for you to examine.
     How likely is it that I had one of the few types of HPV that causes warts for 8 years and the worts just now began to appear? Also how likely is it that I or her contracted genital worts from a source other than sexual contact? I look forward to the input from this community, Thank you again.

     I realize there are relationship issues here but I am looking for medical advice please. Below is the link to the photos of the bumps.

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Not likely that bumps are from sex 8 years ago. Less than 5% odds. It is nearly impossible to get HPV from something besides sex. There are some claims of it being spread via towels or toilet seats but there is a better chance to win the lottery. You should see a dermatologist asap and if a biopsy is recommended, do it. That is the only way for a man to get tested for HPV.

If you wife has her test results or can get her test results from 6.5 years ago, see if the strain of your wart is the same strain as her test result from then. If it is the same, then its from that infection that she had then.
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[img]https://anonmgur.com/up/e1a46a0c63fd34ec9d5485dc18642fc8.jpg[/img] I hope this links the photo.
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