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Genital Warts sting and hurt after use ACV

I have genital warts around my anus almost 1 year. It shaped like a broccoli.
Recently, a new wart developed next to the old wart. This time only a small bump wart, so I tried to soaked it with ACV. After 5 minutes I can't tolerate the pain and stop. The next morning, I feel throbbing pain from the bumps that I soaked with ACV. It hurt so bad, I can't walk and sit properly.
So, anyone here could give me some information about what happened with my anus? :(
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I’d recommend you to go to the doctors clinic and have it removed via cryo or electrocautery.
The chances of ACV not working and irritating the wart and skin is high.
Better have it treated by the professionals.  Faster relief and resolution of the condition.
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Joe is 100% right. Curiously, what country ate you in?
Does anyone know why it hurts so bad? It feels like there's needle in my *** :(
I have appointment with doctor this Saturday, but I can't stand the pain.
I'm from Indonesia, sorry for my bad english
Your English is fine. I was just curious why you haven't been to the doctor yet, and that reason can vary with country of origin.

I'm really sorry to hear about your pain. I'm sure it's must likely extreme irritation from the acv, but keep in mind we're just a couple of guys who happen to have hpv. Definitely not experts. I wish I had some answer for how to treat the pain, but I don't. Maybe Joe has a suggestion.

Otherwise, your path is clear. Get to that doctor, get those warts removed, and keep getting them removed until they stop appearing. Best wishes.

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