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Genital warts, oral sex and future

I had unsafe sex w my new partner for a month. Hes from China and hes living here. So 3 weeks ago, I wnt to my gyn and she detect me some small warts.. I tsarted with aldara and next week I had more warts so she made me an Electrocautery and I had only one left to treat with aldara. One week after, I found a new one and im treating it too. I feel so depresed and I know that help the virus, Im starting to nderstand this virus and realize that its not the end of the world.. But I still have so many doubts. If its true in a future if I treat them, im not longer available to give HPV to my future partner? after  a time (maybe a year) can I try to get pregnant or I should wait.. and what about oral sex. if im clean and im doing a healthy program (vitamins, folic acid, treatment for the immune system, wich I already start) can I still be contagious for him? what I want to know if I could make a normal life again ( I have a partner for the last 4 years but this year we broke up and I had a relationship w the chinesse guy for 4 months and got gnital warts, but my ex fiance and I, are getting back together, I already told him about all this, because I decide not having sex until I get better, so also he is out the country for a year) Can we get back to our regular life and sexual life one day? we used to make HIV, Std test and use to do my pap every year, and was ok.. help please!
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If you get a negative HPV test result after initial diagnosis, you will be not infectious at that time. Or forever. Or for a few years or decades. No one should tell you that you will never be infectious. If they do, its nonsense. For the majority of people, they are no longer infectious. No one can predict who is in this majority and who isn't.  Sorry. This is not the end of your normal sex life and you can become pregnant without much concern. Def wait 6-12 months after a neg test result to have sex again. Be lucky you can be tested. Us men are clueless.
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