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Genital warts groin area without intercourse?


Mid august i discovered 2 small bumps on my groin area, in the inguinal hold. They are round a bit reddish, like flesh, no pain.
I am really well aware about std despite i am married for 10 years cause when i was younger i have been a bit frightened by some events and read a lot about those issues.
To make it short, i have had intercourse with condom 10 years ago with a prostitue in a brothel east europe. Since then i have only experiment body to body massage. The 2 last one occured 3 years ago with a lot of frottage and the other one 8 months ago but the masseuse had underwear (g string). During last 6 months i have been to 5 chinese massage parlor. Masseuses were dressed and only touch my genitals at 2 occasions...
I went to a classic doctor who told me its not std its skin tags due to the friction. As i have had fixed an appointment with skin doctors i went to him 4 dats ago also but he told me its genital warts!!! He froze the warts. Told me its nothing and that it can take years to appear.
I am wondering how could i got those warts. Are they really genital warts?!. Only at the groin area is it possible?! In the last decade I have slept only with one other girl than my wife 10 years ago and with a condom...Body to body massage can have given warts? Hands of the masseuse on the groon area (not the penis scrotum or pubic hair)? Considering that i have always had traumas on my groin area and I have been very stressed and a bit sick this last year because of job issues... Thks for your help
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Genital warts caused by HPV can be spread through skin contact (frottage, rubbing etc.) and does not need actual penetrative sex to occur. Also, if a person has had even ONE sexual partner throughout his or her life, that DOES expose the person to some stds. Massage parlour workers and CSWs will almost always carry HPV, herpes etc. infections and yours does sound like HPV caused genital warts.

Please refer to the following link for further details;
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Thks for your answer. So it could come an infection happened 3 years ago? Or even 10 years?
Yes. Especially in men, conditions that cause genital warts such as HPV acan be symptom-less for years. Your best bet is to visit a urologist or a dermatologist.
I did and he froze the 2 bumps last week. Thks for your answers and your confirmation that it can appear so many times after a "risk" and also when there has not been intercourse!
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Sorry i meant warts could come from an infection that occured 3years or even 10 years ago?!
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