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Genital warts or not?!

Hello, I've been going crazy over this for months and I finally decided to ask your opinion.  Here's my story...

I'm 21 years old and have been sleeping with my current boyfriend since September 2010.  A few months later I noticed about 3 separate bumps that looked exactly like skin tags on my labia majora.  My family doctor said they could be warts but to see a gyno to confirm (they were very small). She gave me aldara in the mean time so I used it and the bumps were gone within about 5 days.  By the time I got to the gyno two months later she said there was nothing to be seen that look like warts.  She has reassured me about 4 times since then that there aren't any, but the last time I went in two weeks ago I was positive something is up.

Here's where my question comes in: is there glands or something that could account for bumps on the labia majora? It seems as though there are white spots all over, like chicken skin as some people describe, which I have always had.  When the skin is not pulled tight everyhting looks completely normal, but when I pull the skin of my labia majora (under my vaginal opening) I can see the white spots, and on one side it seems they are raised in a line.  They are under the skin, I cannot grab them in anyway like I could the skin tags (or warts?).  Any ideas what this may be?!??! I cannot put my mind at ease that these are normal!

Thank you so much
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Check out pics of fordyce spots on google and read up about them.  Also, if you had skin tags then whatever.  But if it was warts then you'll have to wait until sometimes between now and June to breath easier.  Experts seem to say that if you go 3 to 6 months without a wart then you've beat it.  So come June go in and get thoroughly tested.  If nothing, put it in the past.  
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I agree, the white dots sounds like Fordyce spots. I am not sure how good Aldara treats I am about to start it this Sunday after a month of acid treatments. Look at my pics for what my warts look like. At first I felt they resembled skin tags.

Vestibular papilloma is a rare condition in which small pink bumps grow on the inside surfaces of the vulva. These bumps, or papillae, may be confused with genital warts, but have a different appearance, and cannot be transmitted to another person.

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Thank you for your feedback! I made an appointment with my gynecologist for monday. I'm really anxious about it.. which I always am haha I last went in on the 9th on March, and she assured me she DEFINITELY didn't see warts. I had the same bumps I have now then but I feel like they are more raised... maybe just my mind playing tricks on me.  I put aldara on a couple times, which I think just aggravated it more to be honest.  But if what I had in December were warts, then the aldara worked immediately and you should definitely try it!

I've also looked at forcyde spots and vestibular papilloma... I feel the former is definitely what I have on a lot of my parts down there.  The latter is a possibility as well as the one side is raised in a linear formation, which is atypical of warts from what my understanding is... Maybe I have both! haha It's just so confusing because warts can be raised, flat, smooth, rough, big, small.. I feel like so much of normal vaginal anatomy fits into those categories!

I'm trying to put it out of my mind until Monday because I have a great weekend with my boyfriend ahead.  Of course, I did not tell him about the skin tags or warts or whatever, so he doesn't understand my stress.  Once I figure out what they are I will tell him, but we've been sleeping together (unprotected) since September and he has had no symptoms.. which I think is a good sign! Will keep you posted.. if I don't have a heart attack before I go!
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One thing I do know...is when you find something odd, or you get results back with things like HPV, you suddenly start overly examining all your "part". Things you never knew existed on or in your body suddenly seem very scary when they are actually quite normal. Because you now know what you look like, just try to only look for definate changes and not tiny ones. I have been taking pics with my warts/treatment so I can see changes. After having docs check me out on the inside and orally I have stopped trying to find any symptoms in those places. I am going to just keep on the path of treatment and try to relax because stress only makes these things worse. That and it can make us have symptoms that result in actually having nothing wrong with us except our own minds. I am not saying be aware of your own health and health care, I am very proactive in my own. Just, warts are simply a skin condition that will pass and if most people have some sort of them in their lifetime, I am not going to spend mine being very upset about them. It's beautiful and sunny outside, so I would rather enjoy that!!

Please keep us posted on your doc visit, results...and I def hope my experience with Aldara is as good as yours!!
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Not knowing and the mind over-reacting is pretty brutal.  I immediately thought fordyce spots from your descriptch it sounded pretty cut and dry.  Many many years ago I made the wrong choice with a girl I shouldn't have spent time with and a short time later I discovered the fordyce spots on my lips.  If you pull the lips taught the white little "bumps" can be seen and there are a lot of them.  I was convinced I had genital warts for like three months.  I couldn't sleep well, I was afraid I'd never kiss again, blah blah blah.  It sucked bad.  Even the doc at my university didn't know what they were unfortunately.  I diagnosed myself online luckily but it took forever.  I think the worst part of exploring your sexuality is freaking out about every little thing that goes wrong down there.  Our anxieties can turn an friction burn into Aids if we let it.  Just keep you cool and be cool hunny bunny.  It's gonna be all good.  I promise you.  
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I had a cold that made my lips itch and I found the white bumps in mine, then totally freaked I had herpes! Not fun, all red eyed, totally sick with a bad cold, up late looking in a mirror. Thank goodness I too found what they really are on the internet! Looking at anything skin related will put you in a deep hole of gross pics but in the end you figure out what you don't ever want to have and feel lucky with the common not so bad stuff you do have!
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