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Genital warts or something else???

So I've been a monogamous relationship with my girlfriend for the past 9 months and we were both STD tested and were negative for anything. But about 2 weeks ago I noticed 2-3 tiny tiny tiny skin colored bumps just below my pubes kind of on the right side of where the base of my penis meets the stomach. I was automatically extremely paranoid about what it could be Bc I've never seen any bumps or anything. I waited a week until I went to the dermatologist, the bumps were like skin colored, circular and slightly raised and bled a little If I tried to scratch them off. They didn't itch or anything or any other symptoms other than the fact there was 3-4 random little bumps. I've read warts couldn't grow where hair is so I'm skeptical? But the dermatologist said it looked like it could be warts and froze them. Her diagnosis wasn't very convincing for me. Didn't give me much detail and said I wouldn't need antibiotics or anything. It's been about 4-5 days since I got them frozen and they've scabbed but now there is 2 more tiny bumps in the same area. Anyone have any clue if this forsure sounds like genital warts or could be something else? I'm so skeptical and paranoid because my girlfriend has the HPV Vaccine and I couldn't have gotten it from her and my last sexual partner was over a year ago. The warts do not look cauliflower like at all, almost like super tiny pimples but they aren't pimples. Thanks
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Also I've read that if you apply apple cider vinegar to the warts it will burn or sting and I have tried this and it feels like nothing.
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Your dermatologist should have sent them to a lab for biopsy. The base of the penis is where the condoms stop protecting. Get one biopsied to know what it is.
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