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Genital warts outbreaks

The answer that you gave me is somewhat helpful but I would like to know if the outbreaks will stop soon however it does depend on your immune system. I have been experiencing outbreaks since august sometimes using treatments.
However when I was first diagnosed with genital warts I used aldara for them and never experienced outbreaks like I do today. I would experience outbreaks probably once a year and they would go away without treatments and then no more for about a few years. I'm not sure why I am experiencing outbreaks so frequently. Maybe because I get a little stressed at times hpv tends to affect the immune system when it's weak and stress is a factor right.
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Stress is a factor, but honestly, everybody experiences stress. Individual immune systems will respond differently, and there is no way to predict when your's will clear the virus. Do what you can to stay healthy, and I am sure it will work out. If you have had success with Aldra in the past, it might be a good idea to use it again.
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alexdelong your answer to my question was somewhat helpful but I have a question about treatment options.

Question 1. The aldara that I used in the past was when I was much younger the immune system seems to work better when your are younger is that true.

Question 2.  This is in reference to the treatments that I have been using ever since my outbreaks First and Foremost I had a abnormal pap about 2 months after my outbreak and then I had a colposcopy done and the result came back find but I was told by the doctors that the hpv genital warts is what caused the abnormal pap smear.
However the warts that were still present in the inside of my vagina were treated at the obgyn with Trichloracetic acid because the aldara was not working for me at all.But aldara has worked for me in the past but ever since I've been having outbreaks aldara seem to be no help except for the external warts they seem to work a little with aldara
why is that could it be that my immune system is weak or is it the numerous treatments that I have been using like TCA, ALDARA, PODOFILOX,SOLOTION and now I am using CONDYLOX 0.5% GEL will these warts ever cease.when will the virus clear I am tired of experiencing warts every month and tired of treating them when they continue to reappear any suggestions.

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