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Genital warts

I was diagnosed with genital warts in 1999 I was treated with aldara the warts didn't come back until years later and the outbreaks weren't that bad. The outbreaks would come every other year and go away without treatment. However, in August 2008 I started getting outbreaks and I thought it was genital warts but it turned out to be genital herpes and I am still having outbreaks my last outbreak was in  November but I am on suppressive theraphy.I would like to know when will the outbreaks stop and doesn't the immune system clears the virus in about 2 years because I am still having outbreaks and it's been two years and three months.
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you need to have them surgically removed. Aldara might mask the symptom but not necessiary get rid of the virus.  HPV only exist on skin surface, not in blood, so removing the warts removes the virus at that location.
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I think you misunderstood me I was diagnosed with genital herpes HSV2. I have had it since August 2008 and I just started treatment in June 2010. My last outbreak was in November. However I am on daily suppressive theraphy for my outbreaks. I've been having outbreaks for two years and three months now and the outbreaks are still existing when will I be outbreak free. I would like to no why am I still experiencing outbreaks doesn't the immune system clears the virus in about 2 years if so why am I still experiencing outbreaks and when will I be outbreak free.
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Hi this is tedabell would you please respond to my question I would appreciate it thank you.
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Tedabell, genital herpes are different from genital warts and this is the HPV/GW forum so it will be of more help to you if you post in the herpes forum.

From what i know genital herpes does not get surpressed by the immune system after 2 years it is currently with you for life untill a cure is found.
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Herpes are for life as of right now..thre is medication you can get to supress it though and make the out breaks not as bad
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hello this is tedabell i appreciate your input in reference to my situation. However I am on daily suppressive medication for my HSV2(genital herpes). I have found the medication to be working fine but I read somewhere in an article that the longer you stay on suppressive medications your outbreaks tend to decrease mind has since I started the daily suppressive medication acyclovir. But I read an article about an individual with genital herpes haven't experienced any outbreaks for years. I am aware that the virus stays with you for the rest of your life an there is no cure. But doesn't the virus tend to lie dormant if you continue to take your medication everyday. To some degree doesn't HSV2 works somewhat like HPV genital warts because I was diagnosed with that and treated with aldara cream and I didn't notice any outbreaks until years later and they were very small outbreaks that came like once a year or once every couple of years.
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