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Getting rid of hpv and boosting immune system

i have had Hpv for about a year and a half now from an ex gf. She actually gave me herpes type 2 and Hpv, i scored with that one! The herpes i have had only 2 break outs though and havent had one for years. She gave me herpes the first time we were together, then we broke up for 6 months, got back together then i conracted HPV. I have been constanly breaking out with warts on my shaft for a little over a year. I got them burned off, which was horrible. My skin still is red from it and this was 4-5 months ago. I didnt use the aldara 5% prescribed to me properly and broke out with a few warts again. Again i went and got them burned off a month and a half ago, skin is still red from it. I will never do that again. I started to use the Aldara consistenly mon-wed-fri like it says since then. It is kind of workin on some spots, but i continue to see smaller tiny warts appear around the pre existing ones. More and more just want to keep coming about which is very discouraging. So i JUST ordered a two month supply of wartol to use along with my aldara. If it works ok i will get another 2 months supply of it. i understand that all it does is help boost the immune system which i can probably do myself. But i have run out of options. I didnt know that just touching the dang things with my hand will spread them. I used to clean them with soap with my hands, now i cant. i used to masturbate with hand to skin, now i cant. I very much like this girl im starting to see and she knows i have herpes, but not hpv. i want my damn skin to heal from the redness and i want the damn warts to go away. im desperate.i think the neosporin has helped it a little bit. i apply it every day. I will take any immune boosting pill which i just learned is what will get rid of these things and i hope wartol can help a little bit. Any suggestions from anyone who has gone through this and has cured it?
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any responses? does wartol work? please help me
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what kind of multi vitamins are you taking?
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There are many immune boosting herbs and vitamins out there.  Echinaccea is one of the best.  Other potent herbs that also will help are goldenseal, astralagus, elderberry, olive leaf, and dozens others.  Vitamin C always helps too.  Ideally you should look for a formula combining several herbs to work different pathways in your body.  Something to take note though, many people don't realize that these herbs work optimally when taken in a cycle.  After all, you don't want to be constantly boosting your immune system.  I recommend taking the supplements 4-5 days on with 1-2 days off.  
And I am sure it does not need to be said, but eating healthy, exercising, and taking it easy on bad habits like drinking and smoking will have the even greater effect on your body's immune system than these supplements.  Good luck!
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go to health store or organic store and they have all vitamins under the sun...explain your situation and they will guide you as far as vitamins goes. I personally took several including some with mushrooms or whatever it was.. and got rid of them..good luck
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i tried aldera...did not work for me, i gave it 3 months and it just kept irritating my skin with no results of wart removal. Wartol is just a scam and a half i tried that to for two months (i know your supposd to give these things more time) but i saw no sign of results. Plus the wartol people wanted to give me lifetime for free for an extra 50 bux when i just bought two months. And they offered 6 months for the price of 4. Which means they would have offered the same thing at a higher price, i would never try them, you can get the stuff in the bottle at a local vitamin store. I went on vitamins, echinacea and goldenseal. 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off. The best thing that can happen is being on vitamins, not drinking and not smoking. I think one of the best treatments is cryogeny, freezing of the warts. This will also burn the skin around the wart but if the doctor does it right, holding it on the area of the wart for 10-15 seconds it WILL remove the wart. Usually it will scab up and the wart will come off with it and you will be left with a pink area on the skin which will take a couple weeks to heal. Sometimes the wart will come back, just wait another couple weeks and get it done again. This has been the best help for me considering nothing else worked for me. It has gotten rid of a lot. I do not masturbate without a condom on because it will just spread the warts if i use my hand (direct skin-skin contact) and this has helped keep them neutral in their area. I have been dating this girl that i now have fallen in love with over the last 6 months and she knows about my herpes. Somehow i have managed to not have sex with her or have her see my penis until i was comfortable with doing so. i give her a hand job evry other day or so to make her happy. She is absolutely ok with my herpes but does not know about my warts. I still have one or two on the base of my penis and she wants to have sex and the time has come to do so. I have to tell her within the next week and am not looking forward to it. I dont think i will find another girl that i will love as much as her and she doesnt even know it. SO, to anyone who has the genital warts i feel your pain and it sucks ***. i may or may not lose something that i love and i dont want her to feel that i was lying to her. I just dont want her to go through what i had to go through with these things and it is worse for a girl. My main plan was to get rid of these things visibly so she couldnt see them and then have sex. But now that i have done that (there is one i can see but it is very very small on the base of my penis and im nervous she will t ouch it with her vagina when we have sex) i started to love hertoo much and would never want to do this to her. I have had it for about a little over a year and i know it goes away no more than two years. I would like to wait till the 2 year mark to even have sex and i cannot even have her masturbate me or anything without a condom, she does not know thins yet she just thinks that im nervous about the herpes. She has been very very helpfuil with it and researched it with me. But keeping the warts from her for so long i dont know what will become of this. Although i guess my main point of this all is for fast removal from the warts my success has been the freezing. Wish me luck and dont spread this horrible thing to anyone without making sure they know what you have, It is cruel. Unless your free from warts.
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Hi there,

I had warts 2,5yrs ago. I had them cryo'd-frozen 2 or 3 times and that was it, they wer gone, have been clear ever since. I do take multi vitamins, smoke only occasionally and drink only occasionally too. but im active and eat healthy.
Doctors believe iv cleared the virus and will not transmit it as long as i dont have another occurence, which they believe after this period of time is now unlikely.
Herpes is actually much worse than the warts, they can be painful, cause fevers, some ppl even have to be hospitalised, plus they usually reccur and even wen they dont it can still shed and be contagious...warts are painless, harmless skin growths that go into remission and are not contagious then!
I think if this girl has accepted you with herpes, warts will be nothing!
I recently told my BF after bout 4/5months of seeing him(and sleeping with him but protected), even tho doctors said there wasnt really necissary as theyr "gone".
I thought theres still a chance and we are serious about each other and i feel honesty is the best policy (its not something Id just tell some guy, I wasnt sure about, but a serious, long term-potential life partner I would).
It was hard, but my BF was and still is AMAZING about it all, very supportive and simply said, "its in your past, I love you for who you are, I dont care about some silly skin disease"!!!
If you would like any pointers you can have a loook at some of my posts.
Im sure shell be ok with this too, if shes the right one.
Good luck!!
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Re your getting rid of warts:
I recomend taking a multi vitamin with all vitamins like santogen or centrum-thats what I take, I take echinacea-immune boosting. Also omega3 fish oils-duno if it helps, but I take it. Folic acid is good. I eat lots of fruit and veg and LOTS of garlic. Apparently new thing on the market called Papillex is very good. I walk everyday for 40min and I have an active job-so excercise. Dont smoke, drink.
The reason its coming back a lot, is because you have herpes aswell!!! Your body has more to fight and your lucky its the lesser of the 2 evils recurring-warts not herpes!!
So you need to make a concerted effort to be healthy and get correct treatment as yours will be more difficult to get rid of than others with just warts. Get your doctors advice, but I would recommend cryo and aldara, You have to be persistant, average is 6 months of treatment, cant just get it done couple times and give up, yes its painful, but its that or continue to have them. (use vit E or tissue oil, or bio oil for healing/scaring). Otherwise ask your doctor for other options there are others!!!
Once they have cleared, you can get a prescription for: Acyclovir or Famciclovir or Valacyclovir. these medicines help keep it away.
As I said before with regard to telling your GF, look at older posts of mine, but I think if she loves you for who you are, itll all work out fine!
Good luck!!

PS: Iv had all this info written down and tucked away for myself if I needed it (luckily I havent!). After i wrote the last time, thought Id fish it out and tell you...I think this forum is very helpful, you need only ask the right questions and be pleasant!
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i have only had one occurance of herpes which was about 4 years ago. Doctor says i have type 1 herpes since i never have outbreaks. I do understand what you are saying about the warts and herpes together though. Since i have not had sex with my gf yet do you think i should tell her to get the gardasil shot to prevent her from ever getting what i have?
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I think that most people who are eligible for Gardasil should consider getting the shot. It protects against the 2 strains of HPV that are responsible for 90% of genital warts, so there is a good chance that it will protect against your HPV infection. More importantly, it protects against another 2 strains that are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers. The only thing you have to remember is that there are 3 shot spread over 6 months, so immunity won't be achieved right away. With luck, you will be clear of the virus by then, but that doesn't negate all the benefits of the shots.
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In your first post you said you had herpes type 2!? This is something you should get clarrified with your doctor, when they tested you it should have said. Just because it hasnt recurred yet doesnt mean its not active and doesnt mean its type 1 instead.
Tho with this said it is a lot less likely to spread without lesions. If it is type one, its a whole lot better for you, recurrences are a lot less frequent, sometimes not recurring altogether (but I think transference is still possible), but it still does mean your immune system is fighting 2 viruses and trying to supress them (aswell as anything else-colds, flu etc), so I think this is partly why theyv recurred.

As for the warts, you need to get them under control! The more you get rid of the visual lesions the better, it will give your immune system a better hand at fighting and suppressing them (this is what you want, as you prob know they way more contagious when present, becoming less the longer theyr away), aided with the info Iv given you above. I forgot to mention, get enough sleep and try not to stress, which Im sure is vertually impossible, given the circumstance.
Stress plays a big part!

DEFINATELY YES!!! Recommend you GF get the vaccine, apparently the queadrivalent (Merck)  vaccine is best, recommended to me as it helps to prevent both the types which cause nearly all warts as well as the most common causes of cancer.
But she is going to wonder why your suggestiong this, so first Id maybe suggest you say, "lets both go for an STD check as iv become a bit paranoid since the herpes"  Then Id tell her all came out fine, but they noticed some bumps which they believe to be warts and go from there...Maybe...something like "thought you must tell her as you care for her very much, feel for her strongly and feel/hope you have a future together. You wanted to be honest and open and you would hate to cause her any heart ache by giving them to her". THen mention the vaccine and give her some facts, this is what I told my BF: HPV (as it is medically known): Is very common, most ppl have it at some point in their lives, specialists believe around 80%, but most of these ppl dont get any symptoms, only 1-3%. It is harmless (this kind anyway), painless and treatable. It is transmitted from infected skin to skin contact and is contagious when the bumps are present and for a few months after they'v gone. After 6 months of being symptom free it is unlikely to recur or be contagious, after a year highly unlikely. The immune system clears the virus on its own as it would with most viruses, like flu or a cold, 50% of ppl clear it within 6months, 70% within 1year and MORE than 90% within 2years. However there are cases where they have popped back up for short periods during a strong illness (like cancer), but again this is not the general norm, once theyr gone they normaly stay gone. Try not to say things like "devistated, terrible, aweful, sexually transmitted, warts"( warts-youll have to say at sum point but I only said it once, then refered to them as bumps-sounds better:), or anything else negative. Dont use lines like I have to tell you something or Im so sorry...its not a confession and you have no need to be so sorry, it isnt your fault!!!

Right, im probably waffeling again and saying way more than neccessary, so I will leave it at that. Hope that helps.
Good luck:)
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i got the gardasil shot like a year ago. and i was just diagnosed with genital warts. Im so dissapointed that it didnt work for me.
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thank you guys for your support in talking to me. I have been trying hard to get rid of these thing so i dont seem ugly to my current gf. It is hard for the doctor to know if i have type 1 or 2 herpes because i never have an outbreak for them to get a culture. Like i said i had one outbreak 4 years ago and that was it. The same gf gave me warts when she cheated on me. I am a very attractive male, built, healthy...nothing i deserve i am a good person. Sorry if i ever sounded rude we are all here for help and discussion just lilke alex said. I have been stressing only because of life issues on finding funding to stay in college. 18 units and part time job. I try to relax. My gf has been so helpful with this. We went and got tested for everything. I didnt for herpes since i knew i had them. This was 2 weeks ago. I have told her i didnt want to have sex or be naked in front of her until i finished this herpes medication which she wanted me to be on. I get her off quite often to make her happy. I take showers with my underwear on next to her. Pretty sad. I acually told her it would take 2 months to finish the bottle  of acyclovir for herpes when it really would only take 15 days and i didnt even need it. Just buying myself time really. Now the day has come on wednesday for her thinking she will be able to have sex with me and play with me. I think Tuesday im going to sit her down and tell her. I still have a little pink from the freezing of the wart a month ago which has reoccured and i will show her. i hope it goes ok an hopefully she will understand everything i have done to protect this from her. Life is a *****. Wish me lluck
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