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HIV Warts Advice

I am a gay male and i had unprotected anal sex with another male last september. In February i noticed a wart growth on my anus, after having it examined by a few doctors I was referred to a dermatologist. By this time there was a small cluster. She prescribed me aldara which i have been using for 8 weeks, the warts have shrunk significantly but have not gone away entirely, there are also some interior warts I can feel upon inspection.

I am also now in a committed relationship with a boyfriend for the last 4 monthes (pretty much since i discovered the first wart), when drunk the other night he rubbed his penis on my anus.

1) How likely is it that he will now develop warts on his penis? Should i stop giving him oral sex?
2) Will i eventually be able to have anal sex with my partner?
3) What are the chances I will be able to get rid of these warts permenantly and what is the best method to use if creams like aldara are not working so well?

any advice or suggestions appreciated
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it's low risk that he'd contract hpv from that short contact.

it can take up to 3 months for aldara to work. if the warts aren't gone by then, surgical intervention is the next step.  

has your partner had his gardasil shots? while you are waiting to start having sex together, have you both had full std testing that included herpes igg blood testing done too?

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How painful is surgical intervention for warts? Is it possible to have a healthy sex life after ward?

My partner and I have both just received out second instalment of the gardasil shot so hopefully thats a good protective measure as well.
And yes immediately after I realized what the warts were and that I as HPV positive we were both tested and came back negative for everything about two monthes ago, the tests did not include igg though i do not think.
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the rates of herpes in gay males are very high so it's worth the testing. also since having hsv2 increases your risk of hiv if should happen to have a hiv+ partner, knowing your hsv2 status periodically is always a good idea.

well of course it hurts to have the warts removed and for a few days until the skin is healing but once it's all healed and once the warts stop coming back, you will have a completely normal sex life :)
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Thanks a lot for your help, we both have been tested for hsv2 and are negative, does having HPV affect how susceptible i am to getting it in the future now?
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it's not an issue with this partner.

always be responsible and have all the testing done with any future partners too so you can make educated decisions about what precautions to take.

this hpv infection will eventually be gone and won't cause you any further issues :)
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