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HPV - Genital Warts Transmission

My doctor just diagnosed me with HPV (gential warts) and told me that the only way to 'catch' it, is by skin to skin contact with an infected person.  My husband and I have only been with each other. We were both virgins when we met and have never intimate with anyone else. Are there any other ways that HPV can be transmitted?
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nope skin to skin contact....
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skin to skin, although secretions and fluid may contribute... what were your symptoms, and i hope things get better for you
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Thank you.

I didn't and still don't have any discomfort or anything like that. When I went to my gyn for my annual, she saw large white patches, basically covering the whole inside and said that it felt rough/bumpy and no treatment was necessary.
I think I am more upset and concerned about how I got it.
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i don't blame u for being upset. but it can stay in your system for years or decades before making an appearance. it all sucks
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I would be asking your husband some serious questions if I were you.... as far as I know you can not get it from anything other than sex and body fluids as far as I know you can not get it off a public toilet seat or anything like that.  Are you absolutely sure he has not had an affair what does your gut feeling tell you.  Look for any signs he might be cheating check his phone, your credit card bill, your phone bills, his emails, check his socks and the passenger seat in his car for any woman's hair that is not yours check his underwear for sperm stains sounds paranoid but his is how I caught my ex out a good one she's been in our bed found her blond hair in it and all around it, in the shower, on the floor, on his socks, in his car phone numbers in his glove box written in womens writing. GOTCHA You hav eto be smart make sure he doesn't see it coming and just come straight out with it.  If he gets defensive shifty no no no what who told you that rant rant rant  starts making excuses gets angry defensive closed body position ie crossed his arms looks down looks to the side as he graps for somethign to say can't look you in the eye then I think you know what you have to do either A: kick him out or B: move out yourself for a while until he comes clean and tells you the truth.  Call his bluff make him think you know give him some rope and see if he'll hang himself with it.... Tell him straight I know you've been having an affair... a friend saw you with her told me today... when were you going to tell me about her... and how long has it been going on?  If you sound as if you know and he can't lie his way out of it you've got him right where you want him and he'll be more likely to confess.
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Did he or you have oral sex before marriage?  Did either of you rub genital areas together with anyone before marriage?  He may not have cheated on you like some post here. One of you could have been infected years ago and now the warts have arrived.

Get them removed asap and boost your immune system via vitamins, exercise, reduced alcohol consumption, more rest, less stress and cut out cigs. The warts will go away and your body may make the virus dormant. This is not the end of the world. Nor the end of your sex life with your husband. Assuming you have a strong marriage, this is something both of you can share.

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