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HPV - Genital warts

I am 40 year old straight male and approximately one year ago I noticed about 3 small genital warts on the base of my penis.  I had them frozen off by my doctor and was advised to come back in a month as they said others might appear.  A couple more showed up and they froze them off as well.  Then I waited 4 months and did not have sex with anyone and thought I was in the clear and did not see any since they were removed.  Just recently (which is about 12 months from the original appearance) 4 small news have appeared which I had frozen.

1) How common is it to have the warts reoccur.  From most of my research it sounded as many just get them once then the virus leaves or is dormant?  What is the likelihood of them coming back after this procedure/process?

2) How many, weeks, months, or years can someone be exposes to the virus before they have symtoms or visible warts?

3) Can someone catch HPV/warts from me by giving me oral sex or hand jobs?

4) Can I spread it by giving oral sex to a woman?

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1. 90% of all people do not get re-occurences after 6-24 months post wart removl or GYN procedure. No one knows who is in this 90%. However, some of us think that a weakened immune system is the reason why some get more warts and some don't. If you smoke, drink, eat unhealthy, don't exercise, are stressed out, don't take vitamins or get little rest, your immune system cannot beat this thing.

2. Most go 3-6 months. Some go 5-10 years. Or anything in between.

3. Yes. If you have warts present, avoid ALL sex.

4. It depends if you also have oral HPV. Since you may not know, you should refrain from giving oral sex for 6-24 months after the last wart is gone.
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Thanks for the reply.  I am generally healthy and don't really get colds, but probably am stressed out, work too much, drink too much, and feel like I have been tired for a year.  Perhaps the fatigue is from the virus.  Will need to get healthier for sure and need to beat this.  Last year going four months without sex and dating was very frustrating and now to go through it again is quite discouraging, so I need to make sure this is the last time.
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at this point, no way to know if it's the same type of hpv that came back or you acquired a different hpv infection.  usually if warts have been gone for a year and you get new ones, it's a new infection but not always.

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