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HPV/ Genital warts

This question is being addressed to Daskapital. I was diagnosed with genital warts back in 1999. However I was prescribed aldara cream at the time for treatment.Years later my warts started to return I continued to treat them with aldara. On the other hand I haven't seen any warts in a very long time. I read a individuals post that you commented on HPV genital warts strains 6 and 11 you said that the virus usually clears itself in about 2 years.I wanted to know since I haven't seen any warts in a long time is it gone or is it suppressed. I am not to clear on some things about genital warts because I haven't seen warts in years and I was having intercourse when I was diagnosed and wasn't sure if I could of passed on the virus to someone else I wasn't educated about it then now I no a lot about it. However I was diagnosed with genital herpes in April 2010 and I thought it was the warts coming back but it wasn't because I was in denial of contracting genital herpes and didn't want to accept it. Another thing does genital herpes get suppressed like genital warts does.
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HPV will live in your body forever.  It comes and goes.  The only way for genital warts not to show is to have your immune system high.  Stress is the cause of genital warts to show.  I also have Human Papiloma Virus and when I took Tahitian Noni Juice and placed it in my vagina helped tremendously.  Also I have used Tea Tree Oil on top of my warts and leave a cotton ball with a tape overnight, leave cotton ball every night till they disappear.  Also use Aldara Gel but it will disppear in longer periods of time.  Also, if you attend planned parenthood you can get an acid placed on the wart which will help you get rid of it faster in one or two days and will fall.  Hope it helps.  Keep your immune system high and you can have sex.  You can drink lysine, tahitian noni juice to keep your immune system high. :)
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Hi this is tedabell I have a question about genital warts I was diagnosed with genital warts in 1999.I used aldara as my treatment. Is it true that the immune system clear HPV in 2 years and isn't genital warts a viral disease.I am hearing a lot of different things about HPV.I haven't seen warts in a very long time does that mean my immune system cleared the virus or the warts. Do I still have the virus. Another thing I have genital herpes I was diagnosed with that in June 2010.I would like to know does the immune system suppress genital herpes as far as outbreaks do it work like genital warts.
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With all due respect to darling1234, I strongly disagree with a few of the statements in her post.  While some of the treatments she describes (tea tree oil, specifically) have been shown to have a little bit of utility, there are (and have been in recent years) a number of medical studies that have been conducted related to HPV, including those strains that cause genital warts.  All of these studies have shown, in varying degrees, that the body's immune system does, in most cases, clear HPV infections (both wart and non-wart causing strains).  HPV types 6 and 11, which cause genital warts, have been shown to clear from the body in about 9 months, on average.  Of course, there could be some cases where it clears faster, some where it clears slower.  For example, a medical study that was cited on this website (a few posts down) on the duration of genital warts showed that of about 120 women who had HPV strain 11 (I think), after 1 year, only about a dozen still had enough HPV DNA to show up on a very sensitive DNA test.  After two years, none of them did.  What that means is that after two years, 120 out of 120 women showed no signs of the virus, showed no warts, and were no longer contagious.

Of the four most common strains of HPV (6, 11, 16, and 18), the strains that cause warts were shown to clear faster than those that don't.  In most cases in which HPV is cleared, it never shows up again in subsequent testing and never again causes warts.  Most of the time, when someone gets warts, clears it, then gets warts again, it can be attributed to obtaining another wart causing strain down the road.  The bottom line is that whatever strain of HPV someone contracts, they will always have a tiny bit of that virus DNA in their system (just like they will always have DNA for every virus they ever caught: chicken pox, a staph infection, or any common cold).  However, in time, the body gains dominance over the virus and makes it seem like that for all purposes, the host is "cured" (no longer infectious, no more warts).  The best advice I can give you is to treat your warts as they arise, and one day down the road (probably between 6 and 18 months), the warts will stop.

Your herpes infection may complicate things somewhat, but I'm much less versed on that topic.  My understanding of genital herpes is that the virus acts completely different than HPV.  Herpes is much more difficult for the body to gain control over, so as I understand it, the body can never dominate the herpes virus and a person is always at risk for another outbreak.  With that said, I read in a post by Dr. HHH that over a very long period of time, the likelihood of outbreaks reduces.  Again, I'm no expert on herpes... I have just read a great deal amount about HPV because I've dealt with it.

Finally, you say you haven't seen warts in a long time.  If you haven't seen any wart outbreaks in 6 months (totally arbitrary benchmark, but one that I like, as both my doctor and Dr. HHH have mentioned it), you can be reasonably sure that you are no longer contagious and the likelihood of another wart outbreak becomes increasingly slim.
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Here is the article that was referenced in another thread.  Take particular notice of Table 3.  In HPV types 6, 11, and 16, all those infected cleared the virus within three years.  For all those with HPV types 6 and 11 (116 people total), ALL of them cleared it within two years.  More than 75% cleared it within one year.
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Oops, sorry.  Forgot to link the article:

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Thank you for the information it helped out a lot.
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