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HPV, Skin Cancer & way to stop the itch from HPV.

First off, DO NOT tell me that this is impossible because I know for a fact that it is because of the way my cancer spots come up.

Yes, I'm HPV positive and have been for about seven years. I do not have the warts anymore. I did get a small few when I first contracted it but they soon went away and have never come back. What I do have are the lesions and they cover the all natural folds in my pubic area. I.E between the legs, under my belly and around my anus and even between two of my toes. Nothing in my mouth, at least not yet. The cancer spots come and go, they start as little pimples on my legs near my groin area and when I pop them they will turn into a cancer spot. They are visible for about a week and then they are gone. I admit that this my fault because sometimes I have not washed my hands after scratching, so I transfer the HPV cells into an open wound on the skin. I have SEVERE itch from the lesions. I know that there is no cure for HPV because they can't grow it a lab.

Does anyone know how to stop the itch?

I will most certainly die from sort of cancer that men get from this. Either penile or anal, maybe even throat cancer. I'm a straight male and got it from a girl that was positive. My fault for unprotected sex. I have not been active in a great many years and DON"T MISS IT AT ALL, I HATE SEX NOW! I cant scream that loud enough...

Don't tell me to go to a doctor because they think they know everything and that I'm crazy. However they fail to realize that I know my body better than they do because I have to live with it. Besides, they don't always know what's best....
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How do you know they are skin cancer spots?  Have any been biopsied?  Did you get a precancerous or cancer diagnosis?  Usually skin cancer spots are flat and don't come from pimples that can get popped. Dermatologists can prescribe the right ointments to stop the itching. The over counter stuff is weak but green tea oil is good.  

As for your predicted death, the low risk strains that produce warts rarely leads to death or cancer. It isn't logical to assume these cancers will impact you. Take a look at this link and stop stressing for something that may not happen.

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