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HPV, genital warts, and gardasil shots

I am a female. I got all 3 gardasil shots about 5 years ago. What are the chances of me having genital warts? I am really terrified. I am constantly looking down there with a mirror and checking for things. It is starting to ruin my life. I know I can still get different kinds of HPV but I just want to know about genital warts.
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The gardasil shots prevent the 2 hpv strains that cause 90% of genital warts. Those would be good odds if you were at a casino eh? Stop checking : ) and practice safe sex
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Hello, if you want to be sure make a test! Is not that expensive!
And always use comdom! The vaccine did not protected me!!!
Im now infected with hpv type 31 with high risk cancer, and the vaccine didnt include this type!
If someone give me advices earlier now my life would be much beautifull and maybe much longer :(.

Take care!

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