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I'm a 19 yr old, bisexual male. I've been with my partner now (who is male) for over a year and we usually have unprotected sex. He is the only male I've been with sexually, and he has been tested annually for any HIV's (which have all been negative). Just recently, within the last week or two I've noticed few small, soft, white, pimple-like bumps just inside my anal/ rectal area. I'm quite concerned as to what they are. They are painless and non-bothersome. I've researched and viewed pictures of what anogenital warts look like and none have matched the bumps that I have in my rectal area.

I'm extremely concerned about this issue, so hopefully someone can help me figure this out!

Thanks in advance
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I don't know what the bumps are, they could be genital warts, they could be something else. Diagnosis through the internet is almost impossible, even if you are asking a trained professional. Have a doctor take a look and follow his or her advice.

Best of luck!
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