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HPV Aldara and Shaving

Hey all,

So I have many very small HPV warts on my vulva. The doctor called it vulvar dysplasia, and he prescribed aldara cream 3 times a week because he said that since there are so many a laser would be very painful and that we should try to remove some with aldara first. I have a few questions about using aldara. 1) is it harmful to shave on off days from using aldara? 2) Can shaving make the warts worse? 3) Is sex okay when the cream is not on the skin?

Thank you!
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Oh and also how long should i expect for the aldara to start working or for me to see any results?
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I just started Aldara, two weeks ago and it's going slow for me. Though I only have two warts and one is the first one I ever had, which after 4 acid treatments is still there so it may by scar tissue rather than a live wart at this time. The other is only 2 weeks old and really has not changed at all. So, I can't say how you will react to Aldara, I have read some people have warts gone quickly and some it takes a while. I am just happy not to have any new ones.

Do not shave while you have warts present, it will cause them to spread. You can trim close. This is what I am doing, but my warts are not in the hair line. I am just being careful.

Sex is fine anytime you don't have the medicine on. I usually put mine on Tues, Thurs and Sun nights, wash it off when I wake up. So if I want to have sex on those days it has to happen before I put the med on or after I wash it off. If I do have sex I will shower and dry myself well. You should have clean skin when you put the med on. Also don't wear panties and don't use the med when you have your period.

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