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HPV Genital Warts & Cannabis/Weed

Good afternoon,

I had two quick questions. I believe I have genital warts but I am still waiting for the lab results.
I am a very proactive person so I have taken it upon myself to find various ways to improve my immune system like eating healthy food, cut out fast food, eat things like yogurt, berries, kiwi, watermelon, ginger, almonds among other things and taking multivitimans. Additionally, I smoke weed every single day, I'd say 1-2 joints on weekdays and 3-4 on weekends.

There are two primary concerns.

1. Smoking weed at that frequency will it hamper my immune system from building defense against the virus and rid me of the warts? Can it make it worst or slow down the process? Taking in consideration everything I am doing for my immunity system listed above.
    ii. If the answer is yes, the follow up question would be what if I reduced the frequency of smoking weed to 1 a day on weekdays and 2 on weekends? Does it even matter how much I smoke either way my immune system is neutralized and I am making it worst?

2. Second question was touching the warts, I inspect the warts on my genitals every day and try not to touch them but contact does occur and take pictures to keep track of improvement or worsen situation. Me making contact with the warts during my inspection, can it cause the warts to spread to more parts of my body or cause them to multiply?

I thank you for taking the time to review my post and respond.

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Weed is known to lower one's immune system. As does alcohol and cigarettes. I think the less you smoke, the better chances you have of avoiding more warts after the ones you have are removed. I quit booze and 420 for 6 months during my recovery. Cut down as much as possible during your recovery period too. Here's some links on the subject. What was known in 2008 has changed in 2014, so just realize that medical science changes over time.



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Thank you for sharing your experience. This gives me some sights. After your genital warts cleared up were you able to return to alchole and 420 without any reoccurance or did you have to swear it off permanently to avoid reoccurance?

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