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HPV/Genital Warts..... IS THERE ANY HOPE?!?

So, unfortunately I was diagnosed with genital warts a little over a month ago.  I thought at first the warts were just right outside of my vagina, but after inspection, I'm realizing that I think there are some inside... not substantial though.

I was perscribed Aldara Cream for my external warts.  I dont feel like they are spreading but I'm really not seeing much improvement with the warts.... Honestly I'm not really sure what to expect........ they have been kind of "trying to" fall off I guess... or peel off.... but I thought they were just supposed to dissappear.

But I'm sick of Aldara becuase it makes me itchy and sore and uncomfortable.  

I want to get the warts sliced/lasered/zapped/chemically removed whatever I just want them gone..

So what should I do???? Basically I'm worried my vagina will never look the same.  I just feel really ugly and gross becuase I have them, and I feel like I'll never be back to normal

Please someone shed some light
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Dont worry alot of woman are in ur shoes..me one of them....If the cream is not working for u just make a app with ur doc and he/she well remove them for u... I know when my B/f came out from the doc office and handed me a paper that said u have genital warts my whole world fell apart i almost pass out really..lol it was bad.... its someting u just need to learn to live with just another bump in the road...and really its not that bad the HPV virus like ur immune systems so if u keep ur immune system high by eating lost of fruits ,vegs,etc...it will help fight off the warts and keep them away just remember if it goes down u might get an outbreak...

my B.f was told in April he had HPV and thats all i could think about for that whole month..but know i dont think about it as much its comes up less and less which will never come up again.....once ur over this hump and u all treated u'll never think about it again.....

hoped i help.. :)
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Like the way you had tried encouraging dibaker.  Can I know if GW will reoccur after the visual symptons are removed?  It is first time for me and I am at a lost... Plus I really hate visiting the clinic which is predominantly populated with men and their eyes were staring so hard. Is there other treatment that I can insist the doctor used or is the liquid nitrogen cryosurgery more effective.  Does anyone knows?
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Was tooling around in www.ashastd.org website and came across a article dated 5-22-08 Austraila time that research/experimentation is being conducted to develop a vaccine for genital warts!hey if u were in Aussieland u could volunteer to be a research  volunteer and try the vaccine!Cervarix another HPV high risk vaccine shot has been approved in austrailia and was to have been approved in the USA last year.....of course we lag behind in FDA approval!Bureauracracy!
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Since vaccines are preventative measures won't those with warts only be protected from the strains they haven't acquired yet, just like with Gardasil?  Or is the Aussie vaccine for preventing high risk only?  I don't know much about it.  Do you have a link?  I'm curious.
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i would imagine so...doesn't give details.......it was a newsflash dated 5-22!if u go in2 www.***.org....on the right side u'll see whats new...click on2 that and a brief article will appear.Cervarix which is for high risk hpv already approved in UK....not approved over here yet!
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