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HPV (High-Risk) Strain

I was told that the High-Risk strain doesn't cause warts and that low-risk does... is this true? Because I have High-risk and I have examined myself and I saw a cluster of little tiny bumps on one of my lips. But this has been there forever. Even before my abnormal pap smear.. also my doctor told me not to worry, should I not be worried? She told me that it should go away on its on.
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it's true the high risk doesn't cause warts..but it's possible to have both. Docs say not to worry and you probably shouldn't BUT do be aware of what having both strains may mean for you medically. HPV usually "clears"/suppresses itself thru your immune system in 6 months to 2yrs. Since you said that your pap was abnormal you should be taking a multi w/ folic (800mg per day), eat lots of leafy greens/fruits/veggies, no smoking/drinking (at least reduce alcohol), if your partner smokes..use a condom (having sex w/ someone who smokes and you have hpv can be very dangerous since the toxins accelerate the virus), drink lots of green tea...usually abnormal paps fix/clear themselves on their own...
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Thank you for your feedback! :-) I don't think I have both, she just said high risk... idk why the bumps are there... I will have my doc take a look at the my next visit, and i have some multivitamins that I bought yesterday that I will take.
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im in the same boat as you are, i recently was diagnose with lgsil, low grade abnormalty in the cervix because of having high risk hpv. i am scared to death. i pissed off because i had the gardisil shot when i was 26 i am 28 now, i dont understand how i got this. i never had an abnormal pap before so i am confused and scared, and afraid that i am going to get cancer. i did smoke socially...well every day, but i exercised and took vitamins. since i found out about this i cut back my smoking to 2 cigerettes a day and i am working on quitting all together. i am so depress i cant even eat, and since i dont want cancer i cant even smoke anymore because i know it makes it worst. please let me know that i am going to be ok.
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I'm 19... so they couldn't do a colposcopy me yet due to new guidelines and because i'm so young, but she just basically told me if cures itself and not to worry, but in ur case idk i've googled lgsil and I seen where someone said they cured their lgsil and hpv naturally so obviously theirs hope for you. :-)
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misslisa..gardisil only protects against the 4 most common strains of hpv (two low and two high risk strains)..you may have had the virus before you got the vaccine but it was just being suppressed by your body. the vaccine doesn't affect any hpv that you alrady have before you take the vaccine. as for "curing" hpv..there s no cure but there are supplements out there that can hlp strengthen your immune system and body to fight the virus into dormancy..i started taking a supplement called Papillex in oct of this year (one month after i found out that i had a normal pap but tested positive for hpv high risk)
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