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HPV Home Remedy Treatment

Here's a little background. Ok so in May I was diagnosed with genital warts. When the nurse practitioner spoke to me she said that I didn't have anything to worry about. That they are very common and just might clear up on their own after a while. She also said my immune system should be able to fight off the virus within a year or two. So, I'm hoping for the best with that. I do not want to live with these things forever.

I have been doing so much research on this virus and how to get rid of the warts. Even though I know the warts are more than likely benign I hate the way they look and I would feel bad if I passed them on to anyone. Anyways, I do not have health insurance at this time and cannot make an appointment for my regular gyno and/or get the Aldera medication that the nurse practitioner prescribed for me when I went to PP. So, I decided to attempt some home remedies for the time being. Right now I have been putting apple cider vinegar down there every night (last night was my 4th night). I heard I should do this every night until they clear up. My warts are not large at all and most things I've read said if they aren't very big they should clear up in about a week.

Since I've been doing this I've noticed them change in color (from a fleshy/brownish color to a much darker brown/blackish color) and the texture is also different. They used to be rough and now they are feeling a bit smoother now. (Don't worry though, I wash my hands if ever I touch them!!!!) My question is: how do I know if they are healing or not from doing this process? Should they look a certain way? What are the signs? I can't seem to find any info on the Internet telling me what genital warts look like when they are healing and/or are ready to fall off.

Thanks so much for any info you can give me. I look forward to hearing from you.
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I'm not really going to answer your question, I just want you to know my story.  I was diagnosed with genital warts in 1998.  I had them surgerically removed and they came back.  I got them removed again and I have never heard from them again.  I haven't given them to anyone else, and I hope that they never return.  I have been clear for 12 years or so.  The nurse that I had told me that she had them to, and that they never returned.  She was an older woman.
They say you have to live with them forever.  There is no cure.  They can come back at any time.  I am female, so I worry that they will come back if I were to get pregnant.  

My advice to you, is to maybe talk to a doctor, and remove them.  I think they can give you something topical.  You don't necessarily have to burn them.  You could freeze them.  It's just nice to have them gone, and not worry about them spreading or transferring to someone else.  

I wish you luck.  I just wanted you to know that once you get rid of them, you should be good to go.
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I appreciate you're response. I am starting to eat more nutritional foods and am planning on starting running again (I've had to stop b/c of a recent knee injury, not that you needed to know that.. hahahaha). I also am trying to reduce my stress levels in hopes that I can make my immune system stronger. I know genital warts are typically not dangerous, but I still do not like having them. Hopefully, I will be able to kick this virus' butt and reduce my chances of getting them again.

In July, I will be returning to my gyno to see what she has to say about it. I have a fairly mild case so I'm hoping, if I do have another outbreak it'll be as minor as this one was. Although the nurse practitioner said to me when I visited her that I can just wait for them to go away, I do want to get rid of them sooner rather than later. And I think that's what I'm going to do.

Thanks again for your time and trying to relieve my stress on it. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon. Take care.
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I just wanted to update you in saying that the ACV treatment worked wonders. As much as it burned whenever I applied it, it was well worth the trouble. My warts have completely fallen off! I am so happy I found this home remedy treatment and would recommend it to anybody with any type of wart(s). My advice is this: Soak a piece of cotton in ACV and use med tape to attach it to your skin (make sure the tape doesn't stick to any hairs or you'll end up giving yourself a waxing when you wake up.. OUCH!!) As much as it may sting to have it there, keep the ACV cotton on all night while you're sleeping. If the pain is intolerable, use a sleeping aid to help conk you out so you won't have to suffer for very long (Melatonin is great for this). In the morning, remove the cotton and wash off the vinegar with a warm wash cloth and antibacterial soap. If the skin gets irritated, put some Neosporin on it to help heal the healthy skin. Also, try applying some ACV with a Q-tip 1-2 times daily along with the over night treatment. It helps speed up healing. I also attempted dipping cotton balls in the ACV for this treatment, but it kept falling off. My advice is to buy those cotton squares in the makeup aisle of your pharmacy. They work so great and can be cut to fit any section you're trying to treat. Hope this piece of info is useful. Spread it around. No use going to the drs. for expensive prescriptions and such when you can do this easy and inexpensive treatment in the privacy of your own bedroom.
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