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HPV Question. Please need Doctor Help!! :(


In early december i had trimmed with a the top of end of a mach razor in the pubic region and top shaft of penis. the suprapubic area i believe is the place. I had not had any sex what so ever in 8 months. Shortly after shaving i had some very very small almost unseeable bumps in this area but i just happened to notice them and kept my eye on the situation. Within 2 weeks they had grown to the size i would say of almost half a skittle. Kind of like small raised round growths Now, this is not on the shaft of penis these rasied areas, it is in the area just before the shaft begins. These bumps are flesh colored sometimes, pink or slightly brown other times, and pearly whiteish almost clear like other times and do not have dimples like molluscum. There are 3 that are close together touching but distinctively seperate. As i say these are all round.When they first got to this half skittle size i messed with one just a little to see about popping but i had only blood. nothing else. I've never had issues in this area in my life by the way.

So i went to a doctor freaking out believing this was HPV and im still not sure if it is or is not to this day. Went to the immediate care down the street only knowing horror stories about it and believing it would spread all over the area and the internet did not help at all. The doctor looked at in a way that i at the time did not even believe to be thorough and said yep that looks to be HPV. She perscribed Aldara since they were out of nitrogen which i took for around 3 weeks before giving up as it made me feel rather rough in the back after the first week on. This was not my imagination either there is some odd effects that stuff. The area i applied it in did not turn red, had no affect what so ever the entire time i used it.

I went to another doctor close by home and he did the same glance the other did and was like yeah take some dr schols and zap it off there buddy and to calm down and said yeah just stop using the aldara.

So my mom referred me to her family doctor. This doctor looked more carefully at the area and informed me that it is not a STD however could not say what it is. He looked at another bump i had which showed up at the same time these did and said that was NOT HPV either...He said just to be sure, we will hit them with nitrogen. By lunch the area was back to normal. So, 3 weeks later i went for a follow up and asked him to check this out again, and he says the same thing. NOT STD and referred me to a dermatologist ill be seeing soon.

So im curious. Because as far as relations go with ladies im not trying to give them anything and while he says that it is not an STD well i don't want a lady to by chance spot that area and notice some irregularity there. This has diffinetely wrecked my self confidence and feeling of usefullness enough for months now :(

What the hell does this sound like??? Did my clippers or blade of my razor give me something that can hang around 4 months later???

I have a couple doctors glancing saying yes it is and one saying no it isnt.
I feel like im going to go to a dermatologist and be just as confused also lol

Any doctors opinions would help. Like maybe a list of some stuff to look up so i can compare and perhaps there be even a home treatment i dunno. anything i think would help ease my mind at this point :)
My appologies for such a long post. I figured the detail would help.

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might just have been infected hair follicles. have you had sex with alot of woman recently in 8 months ?
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No doctors post on this forum. You will get your definitive diagnosis from the dermatologist. Forget about the other doctor's opinions once he has seen your condition.

In the meantime, don't pick at it or treat it any way. Let the dermatologist get a clear look at things.
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