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History: I was diagnosed with HPV in 2006. After attempting treatment with Aldara for about 8 weeks I underwent Laser Surgery and had probably around 30 warts removed in October of 2006.  The pain was hurrendous for the first day or two and then for another week every time I had to urinate.  It did get rid of all the warts though.  Six months later I broke out again and again had about 10-15 warts removed.  I asked for a catheter that time and it made things much better pain wise, but I could only stand it for around 4 days before the actual catheter was too sore to leave in any longer.  6 months later the warts came back again.  (Sept 2007) Since then I decided no more wart surgeries period! I was also diagnosed with Endo in March 2007.  In March 2009 I began using Apple Cider Vinergar(ACV)to treat the warts after reading about it online.  When the warts turned black and started literally peeling away layer by layer I went to my OB for reassurement that I wasn't going to cause any bad long term effects.  She said the acidy of the vinegar was apparently effective for me and reccommended TCA for treatment.  I religiously returned every week for about 6 weeks and grimaced as she painted the acid on.  But the warts did go away.  However they returned again within a few months.  Now I am trying the ACV again.  I have treated for 3 nights now.  All of the warts on lips, and skin surrounding are turning black (some completely some are black in the center with just the outer edge of the wart white) however the ones on my clitoris (the largest ones) are only white at this point.  I am soaking cotton balls and placing them on about 4 warts on the pink part of my vagina 3-4 around the clitoris and then using a paper towel folded to about 6" X 3" soaked in ACV and placed over the outer vagina probably around 15-20 warts there at least.  I leave this on for 8 hours night 1 4 hours night 2 three hours night 3.....so far.  I leave it on as long as I can stand it.  (Let me note with her TCA treatment it was 3 weeks in before the warts were at this stage)

I want to know if the following can be contributing factors to the recurrences:

I shave my Vagina regularly.  Is this spreading the virus and causing the breakouts to be so bad and preventing my body from getting rid of these warts without intervention? If I shouldn't shave with a razor, can I use a trimmer?  

I smoke cigarettes.  Is this making it more likely for recurrence?

I also have boils and small hard bumps on my stomach and inner thighs and have had them for a long time.  Could this indicate (along with 4 years of warts) that my immune system is not working properly?  Should I see an immunoligist?  If so how can they help? What will they do?????

Thanks in advance.  I've done tried everything under the sun.  Emotionally I'm drained with this and ashamed to even be touched down there and will only have intercourse in the dark and do everything possible to prevent his hand from feeling the warts.
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The one thing I can comment on is that HPV is very much so aggravated by cigarette smoking.  I have vulvar HPV and also smoke, and I am always getting lectured by my gyn/onc.  He says that if I continue smoking, not only will the HPV return on a more frequent basis, but that they could also become cancerous.  I am aiming towards quitting smoking by cutting down gradually, and hope to be smoke free soon, but I know its hard.  I just keep thinking about having to deal with the surgeries for the rest of my life when I go to light up, and it has helped me cut down a lot!  
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I know I need to quit smoking too.  Maybe thinking about my vagina burning like someone is well drenching it in acid everytime I want a smoke will help.  ;( I did make an appointment with an immunologist for next week, so hopefully that will help.  I'm thinking my immune system isnt working properly because I have also had boils for 8 years that won't clear up.
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I have had a recurring hpv problem for over 10 years now. Recurring meaning every 3 months for the past 10 years I have to go to a doctor and get retreated. I have been to many different doctors and they all say it is the same thing in the same area. I’m 31 years old, healthy and workout with minimal drinking. This issue in men is extremely rare from what I read and from what doctors say. I’m far from a doctor but I think a few people are just unlucky and have to constantly deal with this issue. My HPV has not slowed down a bit and I’ve tried many different techniques.
The next step Im going to take is getting the Gardasil shots, which you should definitely do.
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I have had the Gardasil shots already.  I go to see an immunologist Friday, maybe he holds the key????
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Ive read you case and will stress im not a doctor. I will however give  you adivise on boosting your immune.
1. it doesnt matter how many suppliments or vits or mins you take, you are wasting your time unless your liver function is efficient. The reason is that unless your liver is clean and working at 100% you are not going to absorb the vits/mins properly, etc
A. Start by buying a tincture of MILK THISTLE. Take 20 drops in a glass of water, twice daily for 2 weeks and once a day thereafter.
B. take a garlic suppliment also.(helps to fight the warts)
C. take a high does multi vit/min )boosts your immune system
D, Also buy multi vit juice and drink about 4 glasses daily.
E. This is impotant that you do it right and every time: if you dont mind waiting a few weeks for them to go, then please try TEA TREE oil as it is proven to get rid of warts in about 6 to 12 weeks depending on the size and quantity of them

PLEASE NOTE: this is only my opinion and again im not a doctor but it is working for me and ive tried everything.

Get a bowl and add 6 drops of TEA TREE oil and 12 drops of base oil such as Sweet Almond. Use a cotton bud and apply to the warts 3 times a day until they are gone and for about 2 weeks after to ensure that they are really gone.

Tea tree has anti viral properties and is fantastic at removing warts from the whole body, its unknown how it works but it does, that is it helps to fight HPV too.

Also, you need to take regular baths with 10 drops of Tea tree in it, this is because aromatheraphy oils go in to the blood stream via the vapors (hot water usually realeases the vapors).no idea how it works it just does. this will help with the HPV.

i hope this helps you as i can see you are at your wits end like myself.

For the record, it was a friend that recommended this treatment to me as it worked for her too. and the warts have NEVER come back.

Good luke and god bless

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