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HPV Screening Oropharyngeal Cancer in Men

I am a 24yo male. I have been to the Dermatologist 3x for HPV infection. The first being on my hands the last 2 on my  penis (all of which very small and gone now). I am very proactive about my health and was in a 1 year long relationship (Heterosexual, monogamous (to my knowledge)) at the time. Two different dermatologist told me the warts seem to be vulgaris and did not seem to appear as sexual transmitted warts. However, bc of this my gf went to her GYN and unfortunately had an abnormal Pap smear. There was 2 lesions that appear to be low grade CIN and are being monitored. We both participated in oral sex. She asked about the risk of oropharyngeal cancer for her and GYN said she should not be concerned as she thinks her immune system will rid the low grade lesions on cervix and she has had the HPV vaccine. I have not had this vaccine. Should I get this vaccine even at my age? How concerned should I be for my risk of cancer? I know oropharyngeal cancer in on the rise in young men and don't want this to be me. What are my options? If I schedule for laryngoscopy and is negative will I need another after 18mo or so of no oral contact? If it is positive is there safe laser or removal treatments available for me? Thanks
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