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HPV Transmission

I was hoping I could a few questions answered about HPV transmission. After studying other posts, I was able to gather a general understanding of how this transmission works. I need a little clarification after a particular night and need to hear it from someone to know whether or not I'm out of the woods.  

From what I understand, HPV is transmitted in two ways. One is through a break in the skin or a mucous membrane with varying degrees of risk depending on where I'm talking about.  

I was with my friend and we were dry humping, so limited sexual contact concerning only the penises but absolutely no friction whatsoever. So I don't believe HPV could be transmitted through a break in the skin, assuming my friend has it in the first place, because no hard rubbing occurred and was more like our penises were tapping one another.  

My main concern is through the mucous membrane, taking in the information from above, with just this limited tapping assuming my friend has HPV, which he may not.  
     Is it possible for HPV to be transmitted through the opening at the tip of the penis or the glans of the penis itself (the head)? I've recently learned that the glans of the penis is also considered a mucous membrane so this information has gotten me all worked up. Logically, I would think that if my friend had HPV and his infected penis was touching the glans of my penis, transmission is likely. However, what I understand from other posts this may not be the case. But I need a direct opinion because I don't feel like this question has been posed this way, so I would really appreciate a detailed response explaining whether or not this is a likely case of HPV transmission. Thank You.
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The act of frontage (genital skin rubbing against genital skin) is a low risk sex act for transmitting HPV.  But not zero risk. So is it likely?  No.  Is it impossible?  Also no.
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