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HPV Wart info from speaking with UK expert

Hi all,

I have suffered severe anxiety with this, since I was told I would have this forever etc. and it would always come back. I have since spoken to 2 doctors plus both Handsfield and Hook and the equivalent expert in the UK - I wont mention his name as he doesn't operate on forums so I feel that would be harsh. All I'll say is if you type "chester sexual health - genital warts always go for good eventually" in to google UK it will point you in the right direction.

Anyway the general consensus is, warts do always go - some people need a few treatment cycles, some need only need one. The way treatment seems to work is by irritating the immune system to clear the virus from your system so you are no longer immune. The UK expert told me that warts on dry surfaces such as penis and shaft respond less well to topical ointments such as podophollyxin and freezing TCA or aldara is best. But for moist surfaces topical ointments work fine. So don't despair if you think they aren't going ask your health care or GP for another type of treatment and they will eventually go.

In terms of people worried about recurrence, I have found that doctors never like to say never after the 3 months. But the UK expert said that unless you have a profound immunosupression so post renal transplant, he believes it is impossible for them to recur with the same strain. This is because your body has immunity to it and can repress it indefinitely. He said it is extremely rare for people who have type 6 to again get infected with type 11 as your immunity is resistant to other low risks, but not impossible and in his experience - which correlates with what dr hook says on one of his answers that it is a new infection that causes them to come back again - 2 of my GP's also agreed with this - also they did tests on rabbits and mice and even with immunosupression warts never actually re appeared. Anyway, he said he doesn't even mention recurrence chance to patients any more after 3 or 4 months as he has never seen anyone have warts come back in 40 years which were a reappearance with the same strain. - All you thinking what if I am the exception - you are not, it is science, don't wallow in self pity it is neither good for you nor are you correct. He also said with regards to transmission again - always use a condom for reasons outside of hpv, but in terms of your infectiousness at 3 or 4 months it is practically impossible - he said with no wart there's no risk, but wait a bit as like hook and handsfield say hpv could still be hanging around and straight away may or may not be too soon afterwards - handsfield says 6 but he also says it may be shorter and never seen anyone pass on after this, so up to you as and when you're ready i suppose. I guess just cause you get to 4 months doesn't mean someone is there ready to have sex with you, you may have to wait a year anyway haha. Also, everyone saying you need to go vegan practically to keep this at bay - not true - whilst healthy balanced diet is good for you in general for a long healthy life a week of pizzas and ice cream isn't going to do anything for warts. think of everyone who has ever had hand warts - do you see them going vegan loading up on vitamins and hitting the gym - no and they never come back.

Anyway not really looking for a response, just hoping I can help a few people out
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sorry supposed to say so you are now immune not no longer immune
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Thank you.  I am happy to have this information.

If you have more, please don't hesitate to share. I think there are a lot of lurkers.  

Best wishes if you're dealing with this.
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I might not have understand the post entirely ince im still a bit anxious striken.. so you are saying that dr handsfield and hook Plus the other doctorsll say that HPV warts go away after treatment, with the exception that other people might need few more rounds pf treatment?
And that usually this could mean that you are clear from it and you wont pass it on after a yr perhaps?
Yes pretty much, some people need a longer treatment course, but and i quote "noone has reccurences for life" "all warts go away eventually" . They're different to herpes and chicken pox that can hide and go dormant. This is a common misconception, as it cannot get below the surface the virus cannot hide from the immune system.So once they have gone and don't recur for a few months the problem is gone forever
I sent u a message hope u saw it.. thanks
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Thank you for this information. As a young lady recently diagnosed with genital warts, I've been depressed by the thought it reoccurring all my life. Thank you again.
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