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HPV advice for fellow

I had unpro sex with hpv + woman back in April 2009 and developed a bump on the tip of my penis around October 2009.  I never got it checked out by the doctor, and it eventually went away and didn't bother me much.  Since that time, I have had some things that have concerned me, and as of this last weekend, I think I've found a latent hpv infection on my penis.

1. I have these dark red spots on my penis head only, they are not raised (maybe only very very slightly) and sort of big.  They appear to be a skin condition, but when ACV is applied, there is no change in color or anything like that... not sure if its just normal abnormality.

2. I had an itch on the left side of my shaft recently.  I was scratching it the other night, went in the bathroom to take a closer look.  I noticed there was a patch of "dry skin."  This patch of dry skin was accompanied by round-shaped, peeling skin that did not easily come off upon scraping at it.  It looked like 4-5 circles of dry-skin and like I said, when I went to scratch it, the skin did not leave very easily.  I then applied some ACV to the area (the real ACV) and the skin I had vigerously scratched became a bit redder than the surrounding area.  I also notice a large bump sort of show itself as I applied the ACV near the ring of my penis head.  It feels sort of soft, and it balooned up a little bit, but did not change in color to white.  After applying ACV none of the patch area (about 1x1") of dry skin turned white, it just got a bit redder and puffed up a little bit.  

I slept it off, woke up today and it just looks red around the area I was scratching vigerously.  Some of the area I was scratching has a few healing areas at which it looks like a darker red where the skin was obviously torn.  I masturbate normally, like a few times a week, and some of the wear-and-tear in that area is to be expected.  

The thing that worried me was that the skin area had these patches of dry, flaky skin in circular patterns that did not easily scrape off... they just kind of maintained their ground and once I applied the ACV, the dry skin was wet, disappeared, and the area just was inflammed a little bit.  

I don't really have the quintessential "wart" on my penis anywhere... but I know that HPV is variable.  In my heart, I definatly think it is HPV, but once I applied the ACV it didn't turn white or anything, it just got a little bit redder than the surroundign area.  

Also, I have been having some throat issues... anyone know of how common it is to get warts in the throat?  I did have unprotected oral sex with this girl who was hpv + (Thanks ur dirty girl who is too lame to tell me about her status!).  I have also had some "pimples" around the corners of my mouth that do not ever seem to go away.  Its like a constant group of pimples that have infected the corners of my mouth, but do not heal very easily and are pretty much constantly there after sleeping with this girl... not sure... how common is it to get hpv around the outside of your mouth?

I feel contaminated, I thought I had herpes, hiv, syphillis... It sucked.. and now I think Im 100% sure I have hpv.  And for goodness sakes, its been almost 2 years since sleeping with that girl.  Since those two years, I dated a girl for 1 of those years, and many of these have developed since then too... I think I was double infected with 2 strains and my body is still having trouble fighting this off... I am prone to weird infections.  I've had tinea versicolor.. .my skin is just really suseptible to infection.. which doesnt surprise me that i've got this going on.  

1. Just wanna know if its possible to get hpv in the throat.. how common?
2. Does what I described sound like an hpv infection of the penis?
3. HPV around the mouth?

Just wondering if someone who's been there could give me some advice.

Thanks a million.
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Hey, are you sure the issue on your penis isn't tinea versicolor? I am familiar with it as my partner has it. HPV symptoms usually go away within 24 months but because it is so common and many people don't know they have it the second sexual partner you mentioned could be a source.

Try not to overly worry about oral issues. I have had the same worries and I have questioned the doc on this site, an ENT, my GYN, my general practice doc and my dentist. None have found any issue in my mouth or throat. I have both high risk HPV with mild cell changes on my cervix and low risk with warts in the opening of my vagina. Yes I must be a dirty girl too. LOL The price we pay for the fun of sex. ;)

Have you been tested for STD's? Pimples doen't sound like HPV, though warts take several forms, colors and shapes. They are very rare on lips and orally, usually this is found in people who have immune system issues, other serious health issues or in children born to mothers who had HPV.

The only way to know what you have on your penis is to see a dermatologist. Also to ease your oral fears you could have a dental checkup. Dentists are trained to look not only at teeth but the whole mouth. I would suggest as a sexaully active adult you get your reg. teeth cleanings. As a woman I will do this as well as always having my paps on time. With HPV prevention is the key. The reason it rarely causes serious health issues is because if found early there are many options for prevention.

On the upside once we do get a strain of HPV, high risk can cause cell changes, low risk can cause warts, then we are not at risk of getting them again.
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Hi Mags,

Thanks for your response.  I really appreciate it.  You know, I am just not too sure what to think about it..its a bit confusing and rather annoying to not know the answer.  I don't have any reason to assume or believe I have any oral issues, the inner mouth looks great and a healthy pink.  As far as systemic infection of the larynx and what not, Im not going to concern myself... just not very typical.  But I do have an incling that the pimples on the outer part of the mouth have something to do with it... the entire area just looks red around the corners of my mouth... still could just be pimples.

It could certainly be a fungal infection... in fact that's what my second guess was.  I have indeed been tested for all STDs over the past 2 years on various occassions and all have been negative.  I last had an hiv test in October of 2010.. negative.  

I guess my question generally is... Since I don't have any typical or quintessential "warts" on my penis... what are the chances that such 1x1" patch of irritated skin, with dry, flaky pieces of dead skin that don't peel off easily, are in round-like shapes, are in a patch, and were itchy the other day... and when applied ACV, they do not turn white.    What are the chances it is just a strange type of hpv?  

I am not overly concernd about it... i know my body will heal with time if it is hpv, and I don't have a girlfriend to worry about! thank god..  but you know, just wondering if it could be hpv, even though it is not an obvoious, "OH, that's a wart!"   Just wondering if it can manifest in different ways like I've described.  

I am not unclean or anything... I take good care of my body... except for 2 years ago (good ol' alcohol) and I clean my genitals daily... But again, my skin is prone to weird infections like tinea versicolor that was rather fierce about 5 summers back.  So, I am just gunna wait it out, apply ACV in case and report back to this forum to let everyone know about its progression.  Thanks for the response!
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Well, the oral issues are so unlikely I would suspect herpes over HPV for the pimple like symptoms around your lips. Do they hurt, I have found no pain with my warts. I have read there can be pain and itching with warts but I think that prob is associated with friction, like with sexual activity.

As for throat issues, we are just coming out of cold and flu season and we all will have irritations from time to time. Now we are going into allergy season. Plus anxiety can cause these very feelings. I myself do this because I focused my fears on that area. Once I started to accept I am ok and if I do end up with oral issues there are treatment options then those feelings eased. Just a reg sore throat had me thinking I had some STD in my throat that was missed in my many STD tests. I was always checking my mouth out with a flashlight.

Vinegar didn't turn my warts white so sometimes there are false results to tests. The only way for you to know what the skin condition is on your penis is with a visit to the dermatologist. :)
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Just in case anyone is following this thread /and/ or have similar symptoms...

it appears that the rash I had is going away pretty well.  So, if you ever get a rash on your penis, likely it is nothing too major.. I think my was from friction of the condoms I have been using lately.. and I've been having a lot of sex w my gf... so yeah.  Getting a rash on the penis, unless totally typical, is not likely an STD.  At least in my case.

No crazy herpes popped up, no typical "warts" showed up.  It was just a red patch of area on my penis at which the top layer of the skin would get white and flaky and kinda rough to the touch.  I think it was either a fungus, or just friction-induced eczema or whatever the f its called.  I just put some antifungal creme on it, took my mind off it, and over 3 days its about 80% cleared up.

Knock wood.
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