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HPV and Genital warts treatment

Hello i have some form of HPV with 2 visible genital warts at the base of my penis. I have a few questions...

1. Right now i live in Japan and some Japanese medicine has some bad rep - the doctor wouldnt give me cream for my warts but instead some powder to drink - apparently to give my body more power. I dont have faith in it. Anybody heard of this?? The packet says  P72 Yokuinin. To be honest i just want some cream.

2. Transmission worrys - do the presence of warts increase transmission rate?

3. Warts and HIV - recently had an encounter of unprotected oral with a ladyboy in Thailand, and also a condom slipped - but didnt come off - with a female in thailand. I have no idea if the were HIV or not.  At this time i didnt no about the warts as it was covered by pubic hair - although small, defintly noticible - no signs of broken skin.
Do warts increase risk of HIV transmission?

4. I may get a bit of stick for this comment - if i get some cream - could i not just cut most of the wart of and then carry on using the cream - to speed it up?

On this regrettable holiday i did catch Herpes which leads me to worry about the big one. Whats your opinions? I will get tested ofcourse. Im at a 4 week point now - my mind is going a bit mad and am now noticing every small problem with my body. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Sam
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Oh also, probably paranoia - but have found some small red bumps - more like pimples or common zits - no pain - looks like theyre going away - around the pubic hair region. Anything to worry about? Anything to do with HPV or early HIV? Doesnt seem to be the herpes, thats dormant now.

Thanks very much, Sam
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I would see a doctor that would give you a more traditional treatment (i.e.: TCA acid, cryotherapy, aldara cream, surgical removal) instead of a powdered drink.  Japan is an advanced country, and even if you can't get the cream, there are other successful methods.  In the meanwhile, don't cut off the warts yourself.  There has to be a doctor there that will treat them in an effective manner.  Presence of warts definitely means you're contagious and can transmit HPV.  It is safe to assume you are contagious until you have been totally wart free for 6 months or more.

As far as I understand, warts very slightly increase your risk of acquiring HIV (but not that significantly).

Good luck in finding a competent doctor and successfully treating your warts :).
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definitely go to the doctors. There is a company our there you can find online- Forces of nature- carry warts no more product- put it on and they will be gone soon

Warts are particularly contagious while a wart is active and present on the skin

Herpes is the same- if a lesion is active, it is more contagious

Use a condom
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thanks for your comments. warts no more product - suitable for genital warts? may look into it, thanks!

As for the herpes, im fairly well educated on that now - will be taking l-lysine aswell - reckon ill have to have it shipped from the UK , Japans a bit of a nightmare getting stuff on its own. But i feel it wont be a problem in future, im a fit person and healthy.

thanks for your help, SAm
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